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What I Call Romance

It’s Music Monday!

Happy Monday, my friends! Today is a very special edition of Music Monday indeed. You see, I had a post all planned, written, and scheduled. All done and dusted. And then I went out with my husband on Saturday night. We had been invited by our new neighbours to come along and see a fabulous singer-songwriter, or so they said. We quite fancied a night out, so we went along with no particular expectation of anything, other than to be out and meet new friends.

Well, we were blown away by the singer-songwriter in question. His name is Paul Bell and he is simply fabulous. He played an acoustic set of beautifully lyrical songs with fabulous tunes, strong vocals and a wicked sense of humour. I chatted with Paul briefly afterwards…

…and yes, I begged an autograph! It’s a long time since I’ve done that, I can tell you. Hubby was well amused. Anyway, I chatted with Paul and gained his permission to post one of the songs that captivated me most for you right here, right now, today. I really encourage you to listen to it; every word has meaning, glorious, funny, totally true meaning, and it is What I Call Romance.


Find out more about Paul on his website! And now I’m keen to hear: what is your favourite line in this song? And do you have any local independent artists in your area who you think deserve to rise to the very top of the charts?