First review… and word gets out!

Sophie’s Turn had its first customer review on  Five stars, no less!  This is what it says:

This is the perfect story to take with you for a weekend at the beach. Written
in an easy, comfortable tone, you’ll soon find yourself carried away into
Sophie’s world and unable to put the book down until you find out what happens next. I couldn’t help but become envious of the main character, Sophie, as she finds herself engaged to two different yet wonderful men. I was right there with her thinking what would I do if this happened to me. Who would I choose? Why? What do any of us really want out of “happily ever after”? Nicky Wells has done a superb job creating this window into Sophie’s life (journalist, girlfriend, rock music groupie, honest, passionate, average girl-next-door). No detail is left missing. And the pacing is spot on – definitely a page turner from half-way through to the end. Plus, as an American, I extra-specially liked the
British-isms and somewhat different take on life than we usually read here in
the states. This is simply a fun, quick read that I think anyone would enjoy.

Also, a friend put Sophie’s Turn on the goodread website.  Check it out at:

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