Party Time! Let’s celebrate the re-launch of Sophie’s Turn at

I am fantastically excited to be re-launching Sophie’s Turn today over at  Join me there for a little background on my writing journey, and a fantastic excerpt of my masterpiece.

The re-launch comes at the end of a big, massive, four-month virtual book tour, which was a lot of hard work and a lot of fun.  I gained 17 fantastic reviews and gave over 20 interviews and guest blogs.  Visit my book tour close-out post for review highlights that help celebrate the re-launch and put it into a proper context:

This book ROCKS (and that’s not just my opinion…)!!!

Finally, to help you celebrate with me, I have initiated a special holiday promotion.  You can now download Sophie’s Turn from for only £0.86, and from for only $0.99.  All European amazon sites retail Sophie’s Turn for Euro 0.99.  This is for a limited time only!

Come and visit me over at to join in the launch fun, and feel free to spread the word using the sharing buttons there, or at the bottom of this post.  Rock on, friends!  Thank you all for your support.  X 🙂

2 responses to “Party Time! Let’s celebrate the re-launch of Sophie’s Turn at

  1. This is an amazing offer Nicky and Sophie’s Turn is a MUST READ! So all I can say to your visitors is – I’ve bought my copy, have you? I really hope you have lots of success!

    • Thanks so much Linn! I’m glad you feel this way… because I do, too, obviously! I hope folks will get a chance to get their copy, and that they enjoy it. XX Fingers crossed and thanks for your support! x

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