We Are Young. #FUN

It’s Music Monday!

Today, I want to share with you my summer-moving-to-Lincoln memory song. I didn’t realise that this was my theme song for this particular event in my life until a recent family holiday in Wales, where the local radio station woefully neglected to play this song even ONCE in a week.

Upon hitting Lincolnshire, the lovely Lincs FM thankfully obliged almost immediately, and it was that moment that sparked the recognition that not only were we coming home, but that also this song had somehow become the theme song for the Wells family move and the start of a new era in our lives.

It’s a bit happy-go-lucky and I leave you to make your mind up about the video and the lyrics… But the chorus, boy, doesn’t it make you want to sing along at the top of your voice?

Happy Monday. And remember: We are young. Always!

**The official video has been suspended at some point since this post went live, and it is no longer available via YouTube. Apologies.**
Do you have any special theme songs for moments in your life?

13 responses to “We Are Young. #FUN

  1. I have several, but with my first novel, a YA Paranormal/Time Travel/First Kiss romance, my new song will be “Hey, Look Me Over.” I wanted to post a link to the song being sung by Lucille Ball, who first sang it on Broadway, in the musical show, “Wildcats”. But since you’re in the UK, I’m posting one which is sung by the Worchester Male Choir.
    [Link removed as no longer functional]
    Hope you’ll enjoy listening to it.
    Since this is going to be my new song because with my debut novel coming out by the end of the year [self-published], I’ll need people to look at it, I’ll need to get recognized over all the other authors/novelists making their debut novel at the same time I’m going to be making mine. I’M HERE I’M HERE. I’M HERE. Buy my book.

    • Hey, you, thanks for stopping by! I think you’ve to a good idea here and I’m listening to your second link as I type. Thanks for posting it! By all means shout, I’m Here, I’m Here, I’m here. If I may give some advice, I’d caution on the ‘buy my book’ front. Of course you want the message out but there’s nothing that seems to tick people off more on Twitter than excessive ‘buy my book now’ tweets. Just a thought–hope you don’t mind, and keep thinking up good ways to promote yourself, you’re on the right track. Good luck, and come back soon. xx

  2. I don’t why this happened. I just watched it before I posted it. This one is a video from the old “Ed Sullivan” television show [1960] with Lucille Ball singing the song herself with her co-star from the show.

    Hope this link will work.

  3. Glad you liked the link. THANKS for the feedback. I know about the OVERSELL. But sometimes, I feel, that others don’t know that, and
    they’re just overly concerned that the word that their book is out and
    available has not yet been heard, so they’ve got to repeat it over and
    over again.

    • You got it! I didn’t mean to cause offense or come across as patronising. I’ve been guilty as charged myself! And I’m sure on launch day I’ll be tweeting plenty about my book. However, I shall endeavour to avoid the very words ‘buy my book.’ And if you see me using them, come and slap me on the wrist!!! 🙂

      • Nicky, don’t fret about it. The worst kind of advice you can give anyone is no advice at all. If you give the advice you give soemone has a positive overtone to it will let that person know what he or she is doing is great, and they can continue doing it.
        If however the advice you give someone has a negative overtone to it, it will let that person know what he or she is doing needs to be changed somehow and in what direction it should be changed to.
        It’s like saying the only stupid question to ask is no question at all.
        We both need to stop being so overly anxious about it happening to us, we must both learn to somehow take things regarding the final release of our book in stride.
        It’s like the song “Ce Sera Sera” [What will be, will be] by Doris Day.

  4. This is a great song. Good choice, Nicky! I love Music Monday!

  5. Hi Nicky. One of my favourites is Walking On Sunshine. It was the first song I sung live in a band (Strangely B’zar) and it takes me straight back to my twenties, as a Rotaractor 🙂

  6. Great choice! I love it. I have a theme song for every day of the week, I think. Today it’s ABBA’s “Chiquitita”. Something about the chorus really gets me in a great mood. 🙂

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