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We Are Young. #FUN

It’s Music Monday!

Today, I want to share with you my summer-moving-to-Lincoln memory song. I didn’t realise that this was my theme song for this particular event in my life until a recent family holiday in Wales, where the local radio station woefully neglected to play this song even ONCE in a week.

Upon hitting Lincolnshire, the lovely Lincs FM thankfully obliged almost immediately, and it was that moment that sparked the recognition that not only were we coming home, but that also this song had somehow become the theme song for the Wells family move and the start of a new era in our lives.

It’s a bit happy-go-lucky and I leave you to make your mind up about the video and the lyrics… But the chorus, boy, doesn’t it make you want to sing along at the top of your voice?

Happy Monday. And remember: We are young. Always!

**The official video has been suspended at some point since this post went live, and it is no longer available via YouTube. Apologies.**
Do you have any special theme songs for moments in your life?