I’m so excited

It’s Music Monday!

If you’ve read Friday’s post, you’ll totally get this. Visualise me dancing and singing at top volume: I’m So Excited! Obviously the lyrics only partially fit but the sentiment is totally apt.  It’s really real, it’s happening, the paperbacks are here and: only 10 days to go…………  I will be counting the hours next. 🙂

Evidently, this is a classic, harking way back to my teenage years! Do you have an ‘excited’ song from ‘way back when’?

14 responses to “I’m so excited

  1. Hi Nicky.
    Well as you said it’s “M M” [Musical Monday] again. And this week I’d like to offer you a song I used to hear in my younger days which I believe expresses the same feeling and desire for a long anticipated day. The song is “Our Day Will Come” by Ruby and the Romantics [1963]. Would love to hear what you and your followers think of this one,

  2. I adore this feature but can’t get the wretched song out of my head now. Hubby wondered what I could possibly be “so excited” by. I also have a desire to eat Crunchie bars!

  3. Nicky, I read your post on Friday but never had a chance to comment. I’m so excited for you, your post made me cry! How wonderful to finally hold a copy of your book in your hands! All that hard work, all those edits, late nights, early mornings, time away from your kids, tears, and laughter, everything you went through is paying off. Congratulations. I’ll be front row and center on release day, waiting in line for my copy. 🙂
    Oh and some great choices for Music Monday!

    • Aw, Dana, thank you SO much. It’s amazing to have someone out there like you who totally ‘gets’ it. Everything, I mean, the context and the journey and the moment… and the music, too! Love your support, I really do. Rock on!

  4. Counting down the days! So excited for you, Nicky!

  5. counting down with you. Your excitement is so infectious!! Loving music monday. Oh it’s tuesday.. oh well, loving music monday-tuesday style. I might be a day late for the actual launch.. tee hee will be there in spirit. How many days left now? loved ‘our day will come’ too. Your day’s definitely here!

    • Thanks so much, Lynne! Don’t worry, the festivities will go on for quite some time, if I have something to do with it… Launch is in (counts on fingers) NINE days!! Thanks for your good wishes and support, it’ll be fab. XX

  6. Yay! Doing the happy dance with you 😀

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