Are you ready? Introducing the blog tour of all blog tours: #sophiesturn

Taking a deep breath.  And another one. Trying to calm my nerves, contain the excitement that is threatening to spill over and engulf me.

Tomorrow is launch day for Sophie’s Turn. Tomorrow, I will party. And I’ll post a party piece with all the joys and thank yous and everything. But today, I’m sharing with you the itinerary for the promotion journey that Sophie, Dan, Sapphire Star Publishing and I will undertake with sixty-three outstanding bloggers and reviewers. Yes, you read that right. Sixty-three! Hence my question… are you ready?

How did this come about? I don’t rightly now. Sapphire Star Publishing organised a fabulous blog tour on my behalf with Reading Addiction Blog Tours. And I got in touch with the bloggers I had come to know and love from a previous release of Sophie’s Turn. The response has been overwhelming, the support is staggering and I am just totally over the moon. The result is the blog tour of all blog tours.

Don’t panic. I won’t be asking you to visit every stop. I won’t be asking you to tweet yourself to death (that’s my job, wish me luck). I won’t even stalk you with continuous updates, although hopefully you’ll see the odd tweet or three… 🙂 I’m simply posting the schedule here, in a safe, obvious space on my blog, so that if you DO want to stop by and say hello on any given day, you can find me. That’s all.

Lastly, I want to give due credit and say Thank You to all these amazing bloggers and fellow authors who are giving up their time and making space on their blogs to help me shout about Sophie’s Turn. I couldn’t do it without you. So without furhter ado, take a look at this schedule and stand in awe, as I do, at the amazing support for my baby.



Stops and features are subject to change. Links may not function until the date a post is scheduled. *Asterisked stops have been scheduled by Reading Addiction Blog Tours on behalf of Sapphire Star Publishing: Thank You!

6 September  Romance that Rocks Your World  Party Time!

6 September  Jera’s Jamboree  Review, give-away and interview: Update on my publishing journey

6 September  AL Jackson  Guest post: The rock song that kept me going

6 September  Guest post: The journey begins

6 September  The Romaniacs  Guest post: A natural born singer. Not.

6 September  We Do Write  Interview: Getting to know me…

6 September  Dizzy C’s Little Book Blog  Review, excerpt and give-away

6 September  Celtic Connexions  Quick introduction to Sophie’s Turn

6 September  Beth Art From the Heart*  Review and guest post: A Day in the Life

6 September  Fascinating Books  Review and Guest post: The roaming writer

7 September  Wonderland Reviews*  Review and interview

8 September  Louise Graham  Review and interview: Hiya! meets Sophie and Dan

8 September  Andi’s Book Reviews *  Review, give-away and guest post: Why book covers are so important

9 September  Bookreview by Rea  Review, give-away and interview: Where do my characters come from?

10 September  For the Love of Film and Novels*  Review, give-away and guest post

11 September  Books For Me*  Review and excerpt

12 September   Solitary Bookworm*  Review, give-away and excerpt

14 September  Stephanie Keyes  Interview: Am I Sophie?

14 September   My Seryniti *  Review, excerpt, give-away and interview

15 September  Love reading love books  Review and interview: Tell us about writing Sophie’s Turn…

16 September  The Book Chick  Review, give-away and guest post: I don’t procrastinate

17 September  My Reading Room*  Review, give-away and interview

18 September  Mandy Baggot  Guest post: Mandy interviews Dan Hunter

18 September  Romantic Novelists’ Association Blog  Guest post: Titles and covers, and covers and titles…

18 September  Up All Night Reviews*  Review, excerpt and give-away

19 September   A Date With a Book*  Review, excerpt and give-away

20 September  Amy Gregory  Guest post: Just the right side of hot and steamy…

22 September  Chick lit and Wine  Review, give-away and guest post: Sophie’s Turn goes Wine Tasting 101

23 September  Forget the Housework  Interview and give-away

24 September  What’s Beyond Forks?*  Review, excerpt, give-away and interview

25 September  Hello, You  Excerpt and interview: Meet Nicky Wells, the author who loves rock stars

27 September  Me, my books and I  Review, excerpt and give-away

27 September  Cocktails and Books*  Review, give-away and guest post: A Day in the Life…

28 September  Booklovin’ Mamas*  Give-away and guest post: Why Book Covers Matter…

29 September  Chick Lit Club Connect  Give-away and guest post: Rock Star Romance… by proxy

29 September  Crazy Four Books*  Review, excerpt, give-away

30 September  Liv for Today  Review, give-away and Q&A

1 October  My Cozie Corner*  Review and give-away

2 October  Reviews By Molly*  Review and excerpt

3 October  Reader Girls*  Review, excerpt and give-away

4 October  Jennifer M Eaton  Guest post: Peak performance

4 October  Jersey Girl Book Reviews*  Review, excerpt and guest post

4 October   LovLivLife Reviews*  Review and excerpt

6 October  Janice Horton  Guest post: High heels and broken ankles

6 October My Reading Addiction* Review and excerpt

7 October  Sheryl Browne  Guest post: Taking the plunge…

9 October  Lynn Reynolds  Review

11 October  Kim the Bookworm  Review plus interview: A little bit about life, the universe and everything

14 October  Linn B Halton  Guest post: Party and six pieces of advice

15 October  Tracie Banister  Interview and give-away

16 October  Today I’m Reading  Review, give-away and interview: Writing and inspiration

18 October  Chick Lit Central  Review, give-away and interview

19 October  My life. One story at a time  Review, give-away and interview: Where and how do I write?

21 October  Bonnie Trachtenberg  Guest post: Compulsive-Obsessive Plotting Disorder

23 October  books 4u  Guest post: A peek into the author’s office…

26 October  The Littlereader Library  Review and guest post: Changing writing habits

27 October  Words from Anneli  Introducing Nicky Wells; followed by Guest post: The Night I Was Powerless on 30 October!

30 October  Age is Just a Number  Interview and review

1 November  Patricia Sands  Guest post: Developing strength of character

6 November  She Who Blogs Behind The Rows  Guest post: There’s always a song…

9 November  ChickLitPlus  Review

11 November  Alchemy of Scrawl  Guest Post: Confessions of an Insomniac

13 November  Jen Tucker  Interview and guest post: Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Dan Hunter

 Wow! Congratulations if  you had the courage to scroll all the way down. You rock! See you on tour…

43 responses to “Are you ready? Introducing the blog tour of all blog tours: #sophiesturn

  1. What a lot of work you’ve been doing on this, Nicky! Good for you. You’re becoming world famous. Best of luck and congratulations on your launch.

  2. OH MY GOD!!!
    I am in AWE of your organisational powers.
    You do all this – and you run a home, are a wife and mum and somehow fit that all in, and somehow have time to sleep at night, as well as provide sterling support to other writers and best of all – write books.
    Phenomenal, seriously. Bring on tomorrow : ) xxx

    • ***blushes*** Yasmin, you make it sound so… busy. When you put it like that, I get dizzy. Hahaha! Thank so much for your very kind words and praise. As to how I do it… not sure. I have to survive this tour, yet! But I’ll get by with a little help from my friends… see you tomorrow, you STAR!

  3. OMG you are going to be completely worn out after all those stops and parties!! Wishing you all the best! Looking forward to having Dan on my lap on 18th September! Will be supporting you all the way tomorrow xx

    • Ah, Mandy, don’t say that, I’ll be having nightmares. (I’m already having nightmares!). Dan is all ready to cozy up with you on the 18th… and we’ll see you tomorrow, too!

  4. Wow that certainly is the blog tour of all blog tours!! Wishing you lots of luck with it, I know it’s going to be fab and I’m looking forward to the party tomorrow 🙂

  5. All the best Nicky, congrats!

  6. WOW!! Well done, Nicky! A-maze-ing! Loads of luck, sweetie. You deserve it! See you tomorrow. Tweetie fingers poised! 🙂 xx

  7. You will be a busy girl! Congratulations on getting all of that organised and thank goodness the school year is starting, so you have time to do all of this! Good luck along the way!

    • Thank Goodness indeed. Boys went off to school again this morning and I can breathe. I’m like a derwish (sp?) at the moment, organising the party and cleaning the house. (Couldn’t have my guests come to a dirty house, even it’s a virtual party!) XXX

  8. Good luck tomorrow Nicky and with the whole blog tour – my you’re going to be busy – you can give Dan and the group a run for their money now with all this touring!

    Anyway, we are looking forward to the party tomorrow, although I have to say there’s going to be a bit of a fight for the bathroom at Romaniac HQ with nine of us all trying to get ready at once 😉

    Love from The Romaniacs x

    • Thanks so much, ladies. I know–it’s like being on Tour, maybe that’s what inpsired my subconsciously. Hahaha! Rock Star Romance on Tour; maybe I should rebrand. Regarind the bathroom woes.. As it’s my party and it’s virtual, I hereby magic you nine separate DRESSING ROOMS *waves novelist’s magic wand* There, sorted. See you tomorrow!


    After all these years of ups and downs, the clouds that have covered your existance have gone, and all the obstacles which have been in your way have also disappeared and what you have now is a bright sunny day with nothing but blue skies.
    I know right now you must feel like getting up singing about it. So on that note [I know it’s not Monday] I give you.

    HAVE A GREAT LAUNCH !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. You’re quite welcomed. I knew you love this song choice, I had to ransack my mind to find and I’ve enjoyed sharing it with you and your readers.
    With my other half on vacation [holiday – for you guys across the pond] this past week, my writing had been but aside, Now I definitely can see my typing that FINAL ELUSIVE PERIOD for my novel.
    I now need to search for someone to do the cover, wait for my editor to return from her vacation. Then it’s off to CreateSpace for the creation of my first novel. With all this, I can see myself in your shoes by the end of October.

  11. Good luck – all that hard work WILL pay off and you will see Sophie’s Turn soaring! I’ll be Tweeting for you all the way. Lx

  12. Best of luck with the book launch. We can raise a glass to your success at the Festival of Romance at the end of your blog tour!

  13. WOW!!! 67? Man, I can’t even imagine all the work that must have gone into that. I haven’t gotten to that part, but I have worked out my own person blog tour and I’m wiped out having written only 15 interviews and guest posts. Now I’m worried about what might loom in the future for me. But I’m sure your tour will go smoothly and garner you lots of sales. I know I’ll be buying my copy of Sophie’s Turn tomorrow. Good luck, Nicky! Get some rest. You’re gonna need it!

    • Hi Nancy, thanks so much for stopping by. I don’t mean to be show-offy or anything–really worried about that, but can’t be helped now. The 67 stops include the stops scheduled by Reading Addiction, obviously. And the remainder… just kind of happened. Contacts from a previous a life, as it were… As for writing the posts: It’s not so bad when you get into the swing of things. Email me if you want to chat about that!! See you tomorrow… YAY!!!

  14. Congratulations, Nicky! You have proved dreams do come true when you pour your heart into life! Looking forward to the launch tomorrow. You rock!!

  15. You are going to be one busy girl. I’m posting an announcement tomorrow too but you don’t have to be there. 🙂

  16. Wishing you every success for your launch tomorrow Nicky – party poppers at the ready


  17. Woohoo! That’s quite a list. I can’t wait! 🙂

  18. Holy taledo! That is a lot of stops. Remember to take a deep breath every day and don’t forget to sleep! Good luck!

  19. Looks like the trip’s well and truly underway. enjoy your tour! xx

  20. Enjoy every moment. Good luck, Nicky, you deserve success and mega sales. XX 🙂

  21. Heavens – I’ve never seen anything LIKE it!!! I do hope it bears fruit – sure you’ll have a rockin’ and rollin’ time anyway. What a lot of fun. It makes me dizzy just reading the list 🙂

  22. I need to take a nap now!

  23. 63 blog stops? My gosh, you’re amazing. A busy mother, pumping out novels and novellas left and right. Will you please come to my house for a week and teach me time management skills? Radio show… tweeting… maintaining a blog… connecting with people over social media… selling your trilogy… your novella… ARGH! It’s really difficult being friends with you! 🙂 Mwah! HUGE KISSES!

    • Oh no! I don’t want it to be difficult to be friends with me. You’ll be glad to hear that I’ve slowed down and calmed down a little. I can’t keep pace with myself, LOL! But! I couldn’t do what I do without amazing friends, supporters, bloggers and fellow writers like yourself so THANK YOU, Julie, for being part of the journey. Let’s rock!

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