With arms wide open…

It’s Music Monday!!!

Welcome back, and happy Monday. Hope this will be a great week for you all!

Now between you and me, I’ve had a bit of a turbulent weekend. Somehow, nothing was going right for anyone at this end. You know how it goes, one thing leads to another, and however hard you try, you can’t turn the day around. It’s hard, sometimes, not to feel a little disheartened!

Imagine my delight when, completely by accident, I stumbled across this song in my CD collection. It nearly always gives me goosebumps, and it brought back to me every last second of the joy and anticipation of expecting a child, and all the dreams you carry, all the promises you make. It reminded me that life is blessed, and that these little home-bound mood hurricanes are nothing but a storm that will blow over. After all, what’s that they sing?  “I’ll show you love, I’ll show you everything…” This shall be my Creed.

So I ended the weekend on a happy mood after all, and I thought this made the song deserving of sharing today. Kick back and enjoy.

How about you? Have you got any mood-turnaround songs like this that remind you about what’s really important in life?

PS–and if you’ve picked this up on Sunday night, then let that be an indication of what my weekend has been like, teeehee! Because of course I totally hit ‘publish’ by accident. Hey ho, I’ll leave it be and see if anyone comments…

8 responses to “With arms wide open…

  1. Nicky,
    Thanks for explanation, otherwise I would have thought that somehow I missed today [Sunday]. You and I both know quite well that we have no control over what happens to us each day. There is a place for everything to happen as well as a time. And there’s a purpose for this, a purpose which is known only in Heaven.
    So this week, my response song for your crazy week post is

  2. OK, some days are better than others! Still, it ended a little better so I guess that was a consolation. Also loooove The Byrds!

  3. THANKS Linn – I see you seem to understand the message in my song.
    Since it’s probably going to be Monday [morning] when you read this, have a GREAT DAY !!!

  4. Glad you ended the weekend happier. It’s monday here now 🙂
    Must say, I hadn’t heard of Creed. A great song – when I was only listening not watching too. The Byrds brought back childhood memories. Here’s to a happy week. xx

    • Thanks for listening! It’s a great song from a great band. I’d never seen the clip before I posted it (we don’t have MTV here and I wouldn’t have time to watch it anyway) so I’m neither here nor there on that. Glad you enjoyed The Byrds~this is turning into quite an interactive little feature! 🙂 Have a great week, Lynne! x

  5. I do like this track, I have to say. I found it on a compilation album some years back!

    Turnaround music? Um. Any of my favourite tracks, I think – Marillion’s Fantastic Place because I can’t fail to smile beatifically through the astonishing chord changes; Karnataka because their music is simply magical (and I wrote most of CQ to their albums!)

    Hope this week has started well and gets even better, thus shifting the balance of your horrible weekend to something wonderful. 🙂

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