Hitting the paper

So this is what it feels like to be in the paper.
Exciting. A bit scary. A little weird.

Unlike a normal blog tour stop, this is an article written by someone else about me, having spoken to me at length over a cuppa or two and having taken copious notes, of course… but still, somebody else wrote. About me.

Now, you know me. I’m a control freak. I like to have a say in what’s written, and I’m very particular about my photos. So this experience, over which I have little control, is not unlike looking into a mirror, with the same inherent question: Will I like what I see?

The answer is, yes! Thank you to Dawn at the Lincolnshire Echo for a fabulous write-up and to John for coming all this way to take a photo. Hope to meet you both again soon!

Credits: The article below was published in Lincolnshire Echo on Thursday 13 Sepember. The author is Dawn Hinsley, Features writer, Lincolnshire Echo. Picture by John Jenkins. Thank you to Lincolnshire Echo for letting me post this article on my blog.

So here goes:

Whoop! Well chuffed. 🙂 I absolutely love that Dawn picked up my ‘what’s Sophie’s Turn like’ nugget: Sophie’s Turn is Bridget Jones rocks out in Notting Hill. What do you reckon?

23 responses to “Hitting the paper

  1. Great stuff!! You’re so lucky to have a supportive local paper!! Brilliant!

    • Thanks, Mandy! Feeling very chuffed. Dawn is such a nice interviewer and made it really easy to have the tables turned (usually it’s me asking all the questions, hahaha!). Thank you for visiting and commenting. XX

  2. Congrats, Nicky! What a lovely article! And you look great in the photo! “Bridget Jones rocks out in Notting Hill” is a brilliant line too!

    • Oooh, thanks so much, Jaimie. I’m always very apprehensive of having my photo taken, for a host of reasons. This one’s all right I think! Love that you love ‘the line,’ maybe it’ll get people totally intrigued!! Thanks for visiting, and on your own launch day too: you rock!

  3. Nice one Nicky, I would have felt exactly the same as you, when Psychologies did my piece they were sweet and sent me a preview of it, but I can imagine had I not seen that, I would have been really nervous. I think this piece does you great justice, well done and yes,the photo is lovely. Your hair is such a cool colour! I’m going to tweet this post in a sec : ) xx

    • Awww! **Blush** You are aces, Yasmin, thank you for your kind words. My hair looks a little on the flaming side, I think, in front of all that greenery. Thanks for taking the time to comment and tweet: mwah! Bit of a rainy day here, wish I could join your heroine Cee on holiday…

  4. Whoop whoop!! Lovely write-up, well done – and I understand the ‘control’ thing completely :))

  5. Brilliant – well done!

  6. Hi Nicky
    CONGRATS 🙂 🙂 🙂
    We as authors, or aspiring authors as myself, want to get exposure for ourselves and more important, our book(s). And if we can get it for free, the better off we are. I believe most individuals will look far and wide to get this exposure, while forgetting to look in our own backyards. Getting this exposure in a local newspaper, local cable television or radio program will increase the potential effect since their readers and listeners will feel a connection with us. “Yes. I know him/her.” And if things work out the way they should in a perfect world, these local exposures will need to others, on a much wider scale.

  7. Well done Nicky, this is a lovely article! Great photo and hopefully this will spread the word about Sophie to lots more new readers! x
    Lindsay x

  8. Wow! What a fab article, Nicky. The further on I was reading, the wider my smile became. Sophie’s Turn sounds brilliant 🙂 Lovely photo of you too. Congratulations! x x

  9. Wow ~ Nicky ~ well done 🙂

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