The Edge of Glory

It’s Music Monday!

And I’m still celebrating!. After last Thursday’s launch party extravaganza, I have been left with a feeling of buzzy euphoria. And there’s really only one song that fits the mood… I’d never thought I’d post Lady GaGa right here, but there it is. Join in and have fun!

What’s your euphoria song of the day? 🙂

4 responses to “The Edge of Glory

  1. Morning Nicky,

    Here I am, 6:30 AM, reading your post and trying to think of an answer song for you. Then the thought hit me, If you’re going to post a song telling us about the buzzy euphoric feeling you have, why not just come out and tell us how dizzy you feel.
    Have another GREAT DAY on cloud 9. You deserve it !!!
    And now without much further adieu is:

    • Wow, you are an early riser! Thank you for visiting, as always, and great song choice too, hehehe! I shall see what I come up with next week, this is turning into a fun challenge! x

  2. I have no euphoria song today. But I enjoyed yours. Glad you had a great weekend!

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