November Rain

It’s Music Monday!

And it’s the first Monday in November. So there really is only one song I can post today. Moreover, it kind of suits my mood and the mood of my WIP. So here it is. Sit back and chill…


There. Now you’re ready for the rest of the day! 🙂 Rock on. And give somebody a hug today!

11 responses to “November Rain

  1. Thanks, Nicky – one of my favourite tracks! I’m a sucker for a soaring guitar solo, and this track has that and so much more!

    We had a rumbling, quiet storm (i.e. could hear it in the distance) early this morning, so I’m also thinking of a song which I think is called “Quiet Storm” . . . but I can’t remember who it’s by!

    Here’s a virtual hug for *you*! ((((( Nicky ))))) and wishes for a great week ahead. x

    Here it is. Just woke up 3:40 AM not being able to go back to sleep. So what is this early bird [Robin] to do? Why check my email of course, and what do I find–find you doing an early post today. As you stated, this is the first Music Monday in November, and so logically you gave November Rain. This week’s response has been EXTREMELY EASY for me to respond to, you want a November song–a November song you’ll get. So from the theme from “Sweet November”, I give you :

    • Robin! You are bit of an insomniac, my friend, and you’re providing the dawn chorus. Love it, thank you! XX Hope all is well with you otherwise and that you got a bit more sleep. 🙂

  3. I love that song : ) I never used to. But I associate it with my boyfriend in the Maldives in 2003 who was a huge fan of November Rain and used to play it in my bedroom. When I went to Sri Lanka enroute to Koh Samui I was missing him v.much. I remember sitting in a hotel in Negombo surrounded by cats basking in the sun and my heart was aching, and the song was played over the PA and it felt like a hug from him. xx

  4. I love videos with a story and this one has to be one of the best! 🙂


  5. That’s a great song. My favourite of their’s is Sweet Child of Mine, we played it at my daughter’s First Holy Communion and it always reminds me of that day.

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