CentreStage proudly presents: COVER REVEAL for Never Alone by Linn B Halton

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CentreStage showcases amazingly talented authors from around the world. These authors might share with you their inspiration for writing, news about their books or… their brand new, hot-of-the-press book covers!

Today, it is my enormous pleasure to welcome my loveahappyending.com friend and go-to-person for all things authorly, the fantabulous Linn B. Halton, with the cover reveal for her next bestseller, Never Alone!

Cover reveal for Never Alone
and Top Tips for keeping your man happy!

I’m doing a fab splash around some wonderful blogs and websites to celebrate a brand new shiny cover, hot off the press. This story is full of heart and a young woman, Holly Atherton, who doesn’t want to say ‘yes’ to having that wedding ring placed on her finger. Even though Will is the love of her life and absolutely gorgeous!

Never Alone is being released in January 2013 and it’s a story of true love, but as we all know the path is never easy. Keep reading to find out how you can win an advance copy to be sent out in December 2012.

Before I tell you all about Holly’s story I wanted to ask my lovely host, the fabulous and talented rock-chic author, Nicky Wells, what top tip she has for keeping a partner happy. Of course, I couldn’t ask that question if I wasn’t prepared to spill the beans myself….

Set aside ‘together’ time, whether that’s an evening out or a short-break away, as long as it’s romantic! Think of it as a date, or if you are going away together re-kindling your ‘affair’. Don’t let ife get in the way!

So, Nicky, what’s your little secret?

I’d say… Recognize the lovely inner child in your man! Thank him for helping out around the house or in the kitchen (and for God’s sake don’t let him see you go round after him doing the job properly!), and let the little temper tantrums and niggles wash right over you… Bliss.

Thank you, Nicky, duly noted (soooo true!) and added to my growing list of ‘Ways to Please Your Man’ – sounds like a new book to me! Ha! Ha!

Holly Atherton has a  seemingly perfect life, until suddenly it  all beings to unravel. She has spent her life living up to other people’s expectations of her, trying to please them.

She has it all – the affluent family who dote on her, a job she loves in her father’s business, and the perfect boyfriend. Will is a successful entrepreneur and they are about to start enjoying a lifestyle many can only dream about. His latest business deal will see them with homes in the UK and Los Angeles.

But what if you wake up one morning and find yourself wondering whether the path you are on is the one you are supposed to be taking? Is she too caught up in pleasing her parents and Will to take her future into her own hands?

When Holly’s psychic sensitivity begins to surface she doesn’t know how to handle it. Vivid dreams seem too real to ignore and she finds herself ‘talking’ to  Nick, the recently deceased brother of her best friend, Celia.

Just having someone to whom she can offload what she’s feeling helps and she feels happier moving forward with Will into their exciting new future and all seems well… the rest is coming soon!

Thank you for helping me to celebrate this cover reveal.
Simply leave your TOP TIP for keeping your man happy and 6 names will be randomly selected from the blogs taking part to receive an advance ecopy of Never Alone in December 2012.

Festive wishes to everyone! Linn

Awesome! HUGE congratulations on a fabulous cover and I can’t wait to read the story of Holly, Nick and Will. Rock on!

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Congrats again to Linn and… let’s hear your top tips for keeping your man happy!

38 responses to “CentreStage proudly presents: COVER REVEAL for Never Alone by Linn B Halton

  1. Fabulous to be ‘Centre Stage’d’ by rock chick Nicky Wells – is that Tuscq I can hear playing in the background? Thank you for being a part of a special week for me, sooo exciting! Lxxx

  2. What a super cover and I really can’t wait for this book to be released. It sounds perfect for me.
    My top tip for looking my man happy, and I seem to have managed for 25 years, is to make sure you make him laugh every day at something, even if it is you doing an impression of Mick Jagger.
    Great stuff Nicky and Linn. x

  3. Love it! Love the inner child comment – I agree! Can’t wait to read this one Linn!

    Mandy 🙂

  4. wohoooooooo fab cover! So looking forward to reading this book!

  5. Top tip – try not to mind when he’s says he doesn’t mind whipping the vacuum around – meaning he’ll do the housework!! Ahem! 😉 Love it! Love that cover Linn! Good luck, sweetie! 🙂 xx

  6. Lovely cover Linn, so simple but very effective and elegant looking. The story sounds great too. Wishing you heaps of success.

  7. Great cover Linn and good luck with the launch! 🙂

  8. Good luck with this latest release, Linn!

  9. My top tip for keeping my man happy is to let him indulge his creative spirit – he loves cooking, I love eating, so he gets to whip up wonderous dishes in the kitchen every night whilst I put my feet up and relax. Ah, how the tables have turned in the modern world … !!!

    • Awesome, what a terrific insight, Shani! (And now for the real challenge: can you get YOUR man to share this with MY man?? LOL). Thanks so much for visiting Linn’s cover reveal and for taking part: Good luck in the giveaway competition. XXX

  10. Smart, cool cover Linn – looking forward to finding out more about Holly and Will. As for tips on how to keep your man…. hmm… well first time round I thought I did it all fine, but he ran off after 20 years – so my advice there would have been totally wrong! I guess not taking your relationship for granted is really important and making sure as Nicky says, that you find romantic time for you as a couple.

    • Aw, Emma! Well, what can you say? Men are from Mars (or was it Venus)… ultimately I don’t think anyone knows what makes them tick, love them! Thank you for visiting and for your comment, it’s awesome to see you here and I’m glad you enjoyed the post. X

  11. Very appealing cover, Linn.

  12. Some great tips on here. I wonder what a man would come up with if asked the same question. Great cover, Linn!

  13. Love the cover Linn. Wishing you oodles of success for Never Alone x

  14. Awesome Linn!!! I wish you tons and tons of success with this! It looks so sweet. I can’t wait to read ❤

  15. Congratulations, Linn! 😀

  16. The book looks and sounds great, Linn! Can’t wait to read it! And yes, “date night” is imperative! Nicky, great blog. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Love the cover, Linn! So excited for you.
    The best advice I can give, it’s simple, don’t sweat the small stuff. Or in other words, pick your battles. Don’t let the little things get to you, they’re not important. Toothpaste in the sink, wipe it clean, shoes in the middle of the floor, move them. These little things are not worth fighting over and you can bet you do things that annoy him too, but he’s hopefully smart enough to brush it off as well. 🙂

    • Ooh, Dana, the words of a wise woman: don’t sweat the small stuff. Great advice indeed, and something I should take to heart! Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment for Linn. XX 🙂

  18. Great cover, Linn! My top tip is to let him (!!!) have his own interests – golf and gardening, in this case – and also to show my appreciation for all he does for me (which is quite a lot, due to my health challenges!)

    Love the sound of the new book – psychic sensitivity is right up my street! 🙂

  19. I keep my man happy by keeping some of the sausages from the casserole dinner and using them for his sandwiches the next day :-). He loves it!!

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