I Came, I Saw, I Conquered… and I Sang: Rocking the Festival of Romance

What can I say? It was AWESOME. I have a million photos of the amazing Festival of Romance last weekend. Not all of them came out too well owing to some very pink lighting… but here are the highlights. Oh, and in case you haven’t heard/seen: I sang. Yup, my friends, I sang a bit of a favourite rock song to introduce my reading of Sophie’s Turn. And to prove it… there’s videographic evidence!

Friday night:
Romance and Award Gala

Getting ready to party with my room-mate, Sheryl Browne

Carol Wyer, Linn Halton, me and Kim Maya Sutton waiting for our dinner

The Romaniacs!!!

C’mon, shake a leg!

Give it up for Lady B and her amazing award!!

Ole! Photo courtesy of the lovely Sheryl Browne ~ thank you!

Me and my writing buddy, the lovely Sue Fortin! (And yes, those are magic hands!)

The Romance Fair

Loveahappyending.com ~ we’re here, for sure!

Ooooh, and look at our romance shelf! AWESOME!

UK Sapphire Star Publishing Sisters ~ having a fantabulous time!

…and there were random skits, of the Regency persuasion. Fantastic! They kissed!

Delighted to finally meet my Twitter and FB friend, Joanne Phillips….

… as well as fabulous reviewer and blogger friend, Dizzy (aka Carol Wright)…

…and the wonderful Talli Roland!

The Rock Star Party!!

Mandy, Sheryl and I ~ ready to rock!

Hooray! Connecting with outstanding blogger and super-strategic writer, the one and only Morgen Bailey.

Kate Allan, Festival organiser extraordinaire, reading at the Rock Star party

And finally… I couldn’t help myself. I had to sing!

I didn’t know I would burst into song when I picked up the mic at the afternoon reading. Honest! It just… happened.

…and here’s me, doing the same thing again at the Rock Star party at Rock City Art. Oh yeah! Photo courtesy of Linn Halton ~ thank you, sweetie!

Don’t believe me? See for yourself!

Video clip courtesy of Morgen Bailey: thank you for recording, uploading and sharing. You rock!

So here’s to next year: let’s do it again, baby!

36 responses to “I Came, I Saw, I Conquered… and I Sang: Rocking the Festival of Romance

  1. Yay! So nice to finally meet you – see you tonight! 🙂

  2. Oh wow! Sounds like you had a fabulous time, you must be exhausted! 😉


  3. Quite a spectacle of yourself, dear? But in the most fun and creative way. It sounds like a real blast – well done!

  4. Well done!!!
    Never ask me to sing even a even bars of a song.
    Dogs will howl.
    Cats will bellow as if they were in heat.
    And about this question about my being married.
    It all depends on who’s asking and what day of the week it is.
    I’m always ready to do a quick brush off, if need be..
    But then again I wake up, my fantasy over.
    And I’m still married to the same wonderful indivual.
    A person can dream, can’t they.
    I wonder if Sophia’s answering the question also had something to do
    with who had asked it.

    BTW – I’ve just finished writing my bio, and synopsis for the back cover.
    The design team for the cover messed up big time, instead of doing one
    for a child 12-14(15) they did two which were appropriate for adults and
    one which bordered on being good for erotica. So much for them following
    my answer to their question regarding the target audience for my book.

    I’m only here so early [4;00] because my suffering from insomnia right now, probably deed to worrying about the book’s cover, and trying to get my debut writing endeavor/endeavour out in time for the holidays.


  5. Wow, you are sooo brave, Nicky! You looked you were having an amazing time. Go you!!

  6. what a same I missed the singing! Glad someone recorded it though! ThanX 🙂

  7. It looks like you had a fantastic time! You are adorable and you looked fabulous! Great singing! You make Jon Bon Jovi very proud.

    • LOL, now I am seriously blushing (and I seriously doubt that) but thank you so much for your lovely comment. I greatly enjoyed myself and I think that’s what matters. Also note to self: if you enjoy yourself doing a reading, your listeners are more likely to have a great time too. I think!!! x

  8. Wow! It seems like you had a great time. Thank you for sharing the photos! 🙂

  9. Great pictures! You look (and sound!) fab, Nicky! Looks like a great party!

  10. Wish I could have been there.

  11. Appears you had a great time – all of you. Wish I could have been there.

  12. What a mad week it’s been – lovely to catch up with you Nicky. x

  13. It’s lovely to see what a great time you all had Nicky! Thanks for sharing the pics x

  14. You did an amazing job – I’ll never forget the way you literally stopped the noisy shopping centre when you broke into song! My favourite was the Rock Star party though lady – you REALLY rocked it! Roll on next year!!!

  15. Looks like so much fun! And wow — gutsy getting up there and singing like that without backup. You go girl!

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