Who Will You Run To?

It’s Music Monday!


Do you ever randomly go through your CD collection (if you happen to have one, these days) and suddenly stumble across an album that you used to have on continuous play but that you haven’t listened to in absolute aeons?

Well, I did, over the weekend, and here’s what I found. I’m absolutely enchanted all over again. In fact, I had a really hard time deciding whether I wanted to bring you the album opener or another of my favourites, but this has a certain… relevance to my books (and my life, LOL, but that’s a different story), so here it is.

Now tell me: what’s your long-forgotten favourite?

8 responses to “Who Will You Run To?

  1. Nicky,
    It’s Presidents Day here in The States. You song for today sings about who are you going to run to? But what about the person who you have run away from? Don’t you feel they also might have a song of their own? Don’t you feel they want to know where you have run to, leaving them sad? Well, I feel given Sophie has “run away” from Tim, Tim has a right to sing his song regarding his relationship to her and how he might feel about her right now with her out of his life.
    Given this, for this week, I’d like to offer you and your followers the following:

    Would love to hear feedback of what everyone thinks of my muscial choice for this week.

    • Happy President’s Day and thank for coming to visit here anyway. I liked your song choice for the day ~ I had heard it before although I wouldn’t have been able to name the artist. Have a great day, Robin!

  2. Favorite, but not forgotten! This year, I’ll “celebrate” my 25th year fan anniversary with Bon Jovi, and I also have a special love for the ladies from the 80s. I know Heart were around before, but they had some catchy tunes in that era.

    • Oooh BARB! A soul mate for sure! Let me think… When did Slippery When Wet enter my consciousness… I must have been… thirteen…so that makes it… errr… 27 years. WOW! Heart came a little bit later, along with my first boyfriend, but the tunes are sticking for a lifetime. Thanks for visiting today, it’s really nice to hear from you!

  3. Oh wow, this brings back some great memories. I can see where this fits Sophie. I can’t wait to start reading it! Thanks for the time warp. 🙂 Heart definitely falls into my lost favorite category.

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