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Who Will You Run To?

It’s Music Monday!


Do you ever randomly go through your CD collection (if you happen to have one, these days) and suddenly stumble across an album that you used to have on continuous play but that you haven’t listened to in absolute aeons?

Well, I did, over the weekend, and here’s what I found. I’m absolutely enchanted all over again. In fact, I had a really hard time deciding whether I wanted to bring you the album opener or another of my favourites, but this has a certain… relevance to my books (and my life, LOL, but that’s a different story), so here it is.

Now tell me: what’s your long-forgotten favourite?

Halt mich (Hold me)

It’s Music Monday!


Happy December, folks ~ it’s nearly Christmas! I was going to post a festive tune, seeing as that this is my favourite time of year. However, for some reason this song popped back into my head. I don’t know why, I was just walking along the road, having dropped the boys at school, and there it was. It’s a very old song by an outstanding singer (and actor) very famous in Germany but you might not have heard about him. I really encourage you to listen and challenge you not to get goosebumps at the harmonies and the interplay between piano, vocals and bass.

I don’t normally post lyrics anymore but these are special, so find below a stab at a translation intended to convey how lyrical and beautiful this song really is. (If it fails to capture you wholly and completely, it’s my translation that’s at fault, not the song!)

PS ~ don’t be put off by the boxing. No idea what that’s got to do with anything. It’s not a boxing song!

PPS ~ tune back in next week for proper Christmas spirit and festive tunes!

I take my dreams at face value

Revel in fantasies

I caught myself in you, don’t quite know what’s happening to me

I warm myself at your voice and rest in your arms

Hold me just for a little while until I can fall asleep

I feel safe with you, I bet my heart on you

Want to enjoy every moment for now and ever more

You’re a good person to lean on,  you bring happiness to the brim

I surrender to you and you comfort me

I’m beside myself with joy, I want to drown in it with you

Headless, free of worry and completely weightless I want to lose myself in you

Cover me in tenderness

Take me quick, the night is short

Peaceful, crazy with love, overwhelmed by you

So glad that you exist

Come and talk to me, chatter away

I wanted to get sated listening to you, want to be with you forever

Fill me up with life, let me be in your arm

Hold me just for a little while until I can fall asleep

Hold me so that I can fall asleep