Cold As Ice

It’s Music Monday!


I hope you’ve all enjoyed your Easter celebrations, if you’re celebrating indeed. Well, with that more or less out of the way, it really should be time for spring, right? But it is April 1 and… it’s still freezing cold. So here’s my ode to April. Maybe that’ll break the spell…

How’s about you help me out and let me have some HOT songs?

Rock on!



21 responses to “Cold As Ice

  1. Summer in the city? 😀

  2. I am soooo fed up with the cold now. It doesn’t usually bother me but we are no longer in ‘usual’ territory. 😦

  3. Morning lovely Nicky, check your e-mails, have sent you Heat of the Moment by Asia – enjoy! xx

  4. Hi Nicky

    Happy Easter and Passover to All.

    This week you’ve been quite brief in your post, well if this is the case I’ll do the same. You presented as with “Cold as Ice”, and then asked us for a “HOT” song. The instant I read this a “HOT” song began to echo in my mind.

    • Happy Easter to you too, Robin! Thanks for your Hot Hot Hot song, I can feel the heat vibes and I *am* dancing! Although I think volcanic might be a tad too hot for me! (Ha, no pleasing some people, right?) xx

  5. Boys of Summer … Don Henley 🙂

    • Ooooh Lauren, I LOVE IT! This is an all-time favourite. There’s a lousy cover of this kicking about on the radio at the moment, which wants me want to… commit… err, radio violence. But anyway, thank you for suggesting this great, lovely, hot and ORIGINAL choice!! XX

  6. Another of my favourites.

  7. Summer of ’69. Bryan Adams. Strumming as I’m humming. Ahhh, that’s better!

  8. Love Summer of ’69! Real nostalgia there going right back to my mid-teens! How about Billy Idol’s Hot in the City, or Survivor’s Too Hot to Sleep? (Hooray, my brain must actually be working today lol. 😉 )

  9. I’m late to the party but how about the Beachboys ‘Surfin’ USA’?

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