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Blogger Spotlight with Brandee Price @BookwormBrandee


Today, I am thrilled to put into the spotlight the fabulous Brandee Price, who blogs as Bookworm Brandee!


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Who are you and why are you blogging?
I’m Brandee, aka Bookworm Brandee. I’m a wife and a mom to 3. I’m an avid reader and I chose blogging as an outlet – a way to share my passion for books with others who are just like me. 🙂

Where’s your favourite reading nook and why?
During the cooler months, I can be found in front of the woodburning stove, curled up on the love seat. When warmer weather arrives, I’m outdoors in my favorite Adirondack chair, under the shade of pine and fir trees.

What’s your most treasured possession?
Besides my kids…my library. 🙂


Who or what would need to accompany you on a desert island?
In real life, my family and my ereaders. In my fantasy life, my favorite book boyfriends – yes, multiples are required to fend off boredom 😉 – and my ereaders, of course!

Top ten favourite books of all times (any genre)?
Ooh, this is hard.

  • Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen
  • The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • East of Eden by John Steinbeck
  • One Thousand White Women by Jim Fergus
  • Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood
  • Forever by Judy Blume
  • Clutch by JA Huss
  • Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
  • Surrender by Pamela Clare
  • Rock Chick by Kristen Ashley

What’s your favourite cocktail or alternative tipple?
I’m a beer girl. My favorite is probably Sierra Nevada’s Kellerweis…ooh, or Avery’s White Rascal.

What’s the thing you regret most not having done in your life so far?
Not having traveled to Europe!!

If you could marry a celebrity, who would it be?
Colin Firth – and he’d have to wear that white shirt to the wedding 😉

You’re asked to a pot luck dinner party. What do you bring?
Depending on the time of year, an Asian salad, pinwheels (cream cheese, green chilis, and black olives rolled into tortillas), or pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.

Where’s your favourite place in the whole wide world?
My home. Or the mountains in general. I live in the mountains but am fond of mountains in other states as well.

You’re talking to a hopeless romantic (me). But do you believe in love at first sight? Why?
I don’t always like how it’s done in a story, but I do believe in love at first sight. I believe in fate, so I believe in that lightning strike when eyes meet across a crowded room.

Unbeknownst to you, your best friend has entered you for a talent show, and suddenly you’re on a stage in front of 5,000 people. What’s your talent, and would you be voted through to the next round?
I would sell them my latest read. 🙂 I can wax poetic about books like nobody’s business. But it probably wouldn’t help me advance to the next round. *ha*

Fabulous interview, thank you so much for visiting, Brandee. Can I come to your wedding to the delectable Colin Firth, especially if he’s wearing **that** shirt? And I’d love to read my way through your library… Thanks again, it’s been fabulous to find out a whole lot of new things about you. Rock on! XX 🙂

Blogger Spotlight with The Book Chick @JonitaBookChick


Welcome the fabulous Jonita Fex from The Book Chick all the way over in Canada!


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Who are you and why are you blogging?
Hi! My name is Jonita! I’m a wife and a mother to three boys living in Ontario Canada. I have a job that I love working in green energy and I have been there for two years now! I started blogging almost nine years ago as a way to connect with fellow book lovers. There were a few readers in my life but none who shared my taste in books. There were no suitable book clubs in my area at that time and blogging allowed me an outlet with which to share my love of books with those with similar tastes! I have made some fantastic virtual blogging friends since that time and I am so grateful for how it all worked out.


Where’s your favourite reading nook and why?
I can read anywhere, anytime, but I do have my favourite spots! In the winter it is downstairs in our Jacuzzi tub. It takes a while to fill it up but once it is full I can read in there for hours! In the summer I most definitely love reading on the beach! My kids love the water, so we frequently head down to the beach and I read while they play. I recently bought myself a new eReader that is waterproof and sand proof for this reason!


Who or what would need to accompany you on a desert island?
If I was stranded on a desert island my needs would be minimal (aside from food and shelter, of course!). I would need my husband, three boys and our dog Kevin to be with me plus an eReader with an unlimited charge and thousands of books to read! I could probably happily live out my life that way!


Top ten favourite books of all times (any genre)?
I have a list of books that I think that everyone should read! These books all had an impact on me and on me as a reader. They are (in no particular order):

  •  “Nadia Knows Best” by Jill Mansell (this book made me the chick lit fan that I am today!)
  • “Something Blue” by Emily Giffin
  • “Love Walked In” by Marisa de los Santos
  • Harry Potter Books 1-7 by J.K.Rowling
  • “Husband and Wife” by Leah Stewart
  • “Build a Man” by Talli Roland
  • “After I Do” by Taylor Jenkins Reid
  • “A Man Called Ove” by Fredrik Backman
  • “The Hour I First Believed” by Wally Lamb
  • “Good in Bed” by Jennifer Weiner

Of course this list is subject to change in the future, but for now these are my top picks!

What’s the thing you regret most not having done in your life so far?
I wish that I had traveled more when I was young, but I still plan to travel in my future! I yearn to visit England, Ireland and Scotland. I was in Denmark last year and I loved it so much! The culture there was familiar yet alien and I can’t wait to experience more of Europe and the world some day!


If you could marry a celebrity, who would it be?
Channing Tatum, no contest. I’m not one who generally drools over celebrities, but he is the exception to my rule. I consider him to be exceptionally drool-worthy!

You’re invited to a buffet dinner, but you can pick only ONE savoury item and ONE sweet. What would you cram on your plate?
I love eating, so picking just one thing to eat would be near impossible! I think that for the savory item I would choose a panzerotti with pineapple, green pepper and pepperoni inside of it from my favourite local pizza place and for the sweet I would likely choose a peanut butter cup, my chocolate- related weakness!

I am **sooooo** coming over! We can curl up on the beach together with our eReaders and eat pizza and drool over our respective celebrities! Thanks so much for visiting. I’m ever so delighted to host you today! Rock on and read on…


Blogger Spotlight: Rosie Amber @RosieAmber1


Welcome to the one and only
Rosie Amber!

Rosie's Book Review team 1

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Who are you and what brought you to the blogosphere?

My name is Rosie Amber, I’m a book reviewer and blogger. I live in the county of Hampshire in the UK. Blogging opened up a whole new world to me and I have met some lovely people. I use my love of reading and my blog to help promote other people books.

rosie gardening 02 facebook wp

I love reading. In the Goodreads 2013 challenge I read 154 books, in 2014 I read more than 181 books. Nearly every book I read gets a review on Goodreads, Amazon and my blog, with links to my Facebook author page, Google+ and Twitter. I also do Guest Author Interviews and take part in book related tours.

Tell us more! I believe your blog reviews also got you into reviewing for actual paper-and-ink magazines?

In 2013 I was lucky enough to be invited to write a monthly book review page for a local magazine called “Fleet Life”. 5000 copies go out locally and the magazine has an online version too, I usually review 5 books of my choice per month for the magazine. In 2014 I also picked up its sister magazine Elvetham Heath Directory which has 2000 copies and an online version, I do a different set of reviews in each magazine.

Do you have a specific blogging strategy?

I love keeping my blog fresh; in April 2013 I took part in my first April A to Z Challenge and I blogged my way through the alphabet matching book titles to the letters of the alphabet. This year will be my third year taking part in the challenge and again my theme is books, it is a great way to meet lots of new bloggers from all over the world.

The second year of Romancing September Across The World book tour took place with fellow author Stephanie Hurt last September. For 30 days we promoted romance authors and their books. In November I ran the Mystery November tour promoting mystery writers and their books, after my April A to Z challenge I‘m planning a Beach Reads book tour during June 2015.

You’re clearly a girl who loves a challenge! What’s this I hear about Good Deeds?

Never one to stand still for long I began a year-long challenge that I set myself on the day I began reading a book called “A Year of Doing Good” by Judith O’Reilly.

Judith challenged herself to do Good Deeds for a whole year and wrote a truly inspirational book about what happened. Judith undertook giant acts of good, my own challenge was to do just 1 Good Deed a day for a year. Every Sunday I update my readers with my latest deeds. On April 16th 2015 I celebrated completing my two year challenge, I was so inspired that once I’d completed one year I carried on. Do come and check it out.  My Year of Good Deeds.

Amazing. You totally rock! But I believe you’re up for yet more challenges…?

In June 2014 I launched a book review challenge to encourage more readers to be confident about writing and posting book reviews on places like Goodreads and Amazon. We had guest authors, guest reviewers and a publisher confirming how valuable reviews are to authors. For those taking up the challenge we had free copies of books for them to have a go at writing reviews. The challenge was so popular that I set up a free book review team to increase the number of books which we can review on the blog. Now we read a wider range of genres and enable authors to have more than one review of their book all from one source.  Find out more here; Your book reviewed.

rosie amber

Thanks so much, Rosie, for taking part in my blogger spotlight. It’s a pleasure to host you for a change!! Good luck with all your challenges~I look forward to following them across the year… 🙂

Blogger Spotlight: Perusing Princesses @PerusePrincess with Kelly, Elizabeth and Emma


Welcome to the Perusing Princesses: Kelly, Elizabeth and Emma!


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Who are you and why are you blogging?

 Kelly: My name is Kelly, and I am one-third self-proclaimed blogging Princess at Perusing Princesses. Initially, I never intended to become a blogger but due to the amount of books I read, and my online interaction, I met a couple of amazing ladies who felt it would be a good idea, and alas… viola. We launched on June 1st 2013 and still going strong. We love to read, chat and interact with other readers and authors. I think I can speak on behalf of Elizabeth and Emma when I say, we have the best hobby ever!

Elizabeth: I am Elizabeth, Co-Princess at Perusing Princesses.  I am a momma of 2 kiddos, my 21 your old Prince and my 7 year old Princess… I am a SHM, Queen of my castle (which means I am mostly portraying Cinderella prior to the fairy godmother). I also homeschool my Princess, and I manage our construction company.  How I squeeze in time to read, I have no idea!

question #1

I can thank my daddy for my passion for reading… my fondest memories of him is the both of us sitting on the couch on Saturdays and spending the whole day reading…  This passion for reading became sidelined for many years simply due to life and having kiddos… fortunately I was able to start reading again a few years ago.  After reading a spectacular series, and thanks to social media, I contacted the author and let her know how amazing her books were.  To my great surprise, she messaged me instantly and we chatted until 5am.  This opened up a whole new world for me… being able to contact the authors directly, have conversations, develop friendships! That would have been impossible without social media.  Not only did I get to meet authors online. I also met some wonderful women who shared my passion.  That sort of led itself in creating the website and inviting my co-princesses to blog, something I had no idea how to do.  So with trial and error I created Perusing Princesses.. and I could not do it without my co-Princesses, Kelly and Emma! I am very proud of them and our little niche of this book world.  We have made amazing friendships with great authors and readers, and I can’t help but fangirl all the time!

Emma: My name is Emma Allsop, I’m a 39-year-old married mother of 2 young children and I live in rural Hampshire in the south of England. I was introduced to Kelly (a fellow Princess) through a mutual friend. My friend knew I had a passion for reading and when she found out that Kelly (and Elizabeth) was looking for someone to join her blog, she recommended me. I have now blogged and reviewed with Elizabeth and Kelly for nearly 12 months and it has been an absolute blast. Not only have I met 2 wonderful new friends, I have also been able to share the love I have for books with an audience. I love promoting authors that don’t have the backing of big publishers. I wish I could write, but alas this isn’t a talent I have. I can however help the authors that pour their heart and souls into books by blogging and reviewing their books. Every little helps!


Where’s your favourite reading nook and why?

Kelly: I have a princess throne fit for reading. Literally! It’s in my lounge and it is very comfortable.

I've seen it in real life--and it's truly awesome! #ChairEnvy

I’ve seen it in real life–and it’s truly awesome! #ChairEnvy

Elizabeth: Gosh! I truly love to read anywhere I can… I can’t say I have a fave spot, so I will share a pic of what I call the Princess cave, where I sit to blog and my little book shelf.

question #2.

Emma: My leather armchair. It is so comfy and has a plug socket and nice wide arm big enough for my kindle and coffee to rest.


What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Kelly: I don’t know if I should admit it online, but one night, while I was out with many of my friends there wasn’t quite enough room in my friend’s car at the end of night to get me home safely, so I rode home slightly (okay… maybe a lot) inebriated, on the bonnet of his car. Suffice to say… I survived!

Elizabeth: Got married after dating for about 2 months!

Emma: I am not the craziest person to be honest. I leave the marathons and skydiving to the hubby who is much more adventurous. However I do become social hand grenade after a few drinks. I could probably tell you lots of crazy moments that I have had with my girls. But a standout for me is getting up on a bar top in a nightclub in Barcelona on my hen do, to dirty dance with a very gorgeous and quite possibly gay barman. That would have been ok, had I not been wearing a short pleated skirt with a thong. When another barman decided to blow the air machine, the whole club got an eye full of my bare arse!! There is video evidence, you aren’t having it. 🙂

What’s the craziest thing you’d still like to do in your life?

Kelly: Skydiving. I’ve never had the opportunity to do it, but I would like to one day.

Elizabeth: hmmm… I truly do not know! I am such a conservative introvert.

Emma: That’s the worst question for me because quite frankly, if it is something that could put my life at risk (I include a ride on the London Eye in that – I had a serious meltdown on it) or makes my heart beat too fast I WILL not even entertain it. So crazy, maybe not, but I would like to visit a few places for sure.

What’s your most treasured possession?

Kelly: Can I say my kindle? 🙂

Elizabeth: My Family 🙂 Here is a quick pic of my princess and me being silly.

question #5

Emma: I wouldn’t call them possessions as such, but their mine and I adore them – My Kids…


Who or what would need to accompany you on a desert island?

Kelly: My Husband, because I would never survive alone.

Elizabeth: Since in my imagination it is a tropical paradise with all the creature comforts of home, a staff to wait on me, unlimited supply of necessities, I would just need my family with me…lol 

Emma: Well that would depend on whether the desert island had electric LOL!! If it did then it would without doubt be my Kindle. If not then I would cheat and take my favourite handbag, which is very large. I would then stuff it full of books!!

Top ten favourite books of all times (any genre)?

Kelly: This is such a hard question! My favourite book as a child was The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis. I found my well-loved paperback copy not so long ago and gave it to my 9 year old Daughter. My literary tastes now are quite eclectic. I like some classics, such as Jane Eyre and Oliver Twist, but then I’ll read paranormal such as the Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward, and erotica romance on par with the likes of Fifty Shades. To then reading a comedy. Most of the books I love have a sexy leading male. Go figure…

Elizabeth: This question always guts me! I read a book every day or two… it would be like picking a favorite child! Can’t do it!  My fave genre is romance books, particularly MC, Rockers, Tattooed Bad Boys, and some Mystery/Thriller too.

Emma: Worst bloody question EVER!! Ok, I am going to cheat a little: 

  1. Undeniable series by Madeline Sheehan
  2. The Original Sinners series by Tiffany Reisz
  3. Lucy in the Sky by Paige Toon
  4. Thoughtless series by S.C Stephens
  5. Chances by Jackie Collins
  6. Hades Hangman series by Tillie Cole
  7. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
  8. FSOG series by E L James
  9. Stewart realty series by Liz Crowe
  10. Chasing Daisy by Paige Toon (To be honest, anything by Paige Toon)

I so know I’m going to remember another book as soon as I email this!

What’s your favourite cocktail or alternative tipple?

Kelly: Mojito. Its light and refreshing and the perfect summer cocktail. In the winter months, I’m all about the Jack Daniels and coke. I am a fond lover of wine too.

Elizabeth: I very rarely imbibe… maybe once a year… I just never have… lol!  But when I do, I enjoy a Washington apple or a margarita.

Emma: I love a pint of cold San Miguel or Peroni lager above everything else, but a nice Gin & Tonic with Ice and a slice comes a very close second.

What’s the thing you regret most not having done in your life so far?

Kelly: Travelling. I wish I backpacked in my younger years and saw more of the world.

Elizabeth: Hmmm… not so much a regret… but now that I am older, I would have loved to have been more free and adventurous as an older teen and young adult.  I went to a private catholic girls school, so me being sheltered is an understatement! And I am pretty shy in nature… so it would have been great to sow some wild oats in my youth to be able to regale some insane stories to my future grandkids.

Emma: There is no place for regret in any part of my life, but I do regret not going to Glastonbury Festival with my friends in 1995 – It was a hot and sunny weekend and they had a blast. I couldn’t get the day off my Saturday job and like the work horse I am, I didn’t ring in sick! They kept rubbing salt in the wound by ring me regularly to tell me what a great time they were having.

If you could marry a celebrity, who would it be?

Kelly: Considering my love of heavy rock music… it would have to be M. Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold. If I had to choose an actor, it would be Chris Hemsworth.

Elizabeth: Ha! Channing Tatum!

Emma: Easy! – Charlie Hunnam because he’s HOT!

You’re starting a book club. Which celebrities would you invite, and how would you convince them to turn up?

Elizabeth: I can’t stop laughing! The first ones I thought of is the Sparkly Vampire we all love in private and his on/off/on/off again Vamp babe..lol! Well, to defend myself, it is well publicized that they are avid readers!

Emma: Charlie Hunnam, Jamie Dornan and David Beckham for obvious reasons, and I would offer to show them my boobs if they turned up (actually, not sure if that would convince them to come or make them run a bloody mile LOL!!)

You’re invited to a buffet dinner, but you can pick only ONE savoury item and ONE sweet. What would you cram on your plate?

Kelly: Chicken satay followed by a big slab of New York Cheesecake. Yum!

Elizabeth: T-bone steak and Chocolate Mousse…  gosh, now I am hungry! lol

Emma: Puff pastry sausage rolls and Trifle.

You’re asked to a pot luck dinner party. What do you bring?

 Probably wine. Can never go wrong with wine!

Elizabeth: T-bone steak and chocolate mousse! Ok, ok, seriously… my really delish homemade chocolate cake.

Emma: I’m not the world’s best cook but I do make a pretty mean Lasagne and my Key Lime Pie is always a hit as well… 

Where’s your favourite place in the whole wide world?

Kelly: Home. Corny I know… but it’s where my favourite people are. If I had to choose a holiday destination, I would have to say Crete in Greece. Such a beautiful Island.

Elizabeth: Honestly, my home, and my life right now! 

Emma: I LOVE Barcelona, Spain – It has everything you could want: Beach, shops, culture, great food, great weather and copious amounts of San Miguel.

You’re talking to a hopeless romantic (me). But do you believe in love at first sight? Why? (Or why not?)

Kelly: I believe in insta-lust. I believe that you can look at a person and feel immediately attracted or connected in some way, but real love needs to be earned. I was attracted to my husband when I first met him, but falling in love came in time. It was quick but it didn’t happen overnight because when you love someone, you love everything about them, even their faults. He must love me because I have many. 🙂

Elizabeth: I really do!  And not just in romantic couple type of love at first sight… although I really believe in that too.  I believe that there are just people that cross your path and that you truly fall for them… you just connect!  I don’t think that’s just random.  And especially with blogging and social media being what it is… you “meet” people virtually, and it just seems like you are linked by your soul… even though you may physically never lay eyes on them.  There is just that heart tug that you feel that lets you know that you belong together…

Emma: Yes, because I met my husband 20 years ago, fell in love and knew we would be together forever. We are best friends and soul mates and he is my biggest supporter. We also argue the way you can only do with the people closest to you.

Unbeknownst to you, your best friend has entered you for a talent show, and suddenly you’re on a stage in front of 5,000 people. What’s your talent, and would you be voted through to the next round?

Kelly: I would have no choice but to sing because I’m not the best dancer, although I could probably do a mean air guitar! And no. I would probably be covered in tomatoes by the time I leave the stage.

Elizabeth: Sweet lord! Ummmm, play the piano, and probably not!!

Emma: I would wow them with my singing, which I think I’m amazing at. In my mind, I wouldn’t just get voted through, I’d win!! – In reality, I’d be boo’d off stage!

Any other random comments that you’d like to share with my readers?

Elizabeth: I want to say thank you to you Nicky!!! You are amazing, and one of those fall in love at first sight people I am talking about!  I have been given this amazing gift of life, and I am forever grateful that I am able to exist in this book world and meet amazing people as yourself.  I am truly blessed!

Aww Elizabeth: thank you so much for that lovely comment, now I’m blushing. I’m blessed too! xx



Thank you so much to Princess Kelly, Princess Elizabeth, and Princess Emma for stopping by here today. Princesses–can I come on your desert islands with you, share your books, and partake of your dinner party food and cocktail choices, please? Loveya!



Blogger Spotlight: Chicklit Central with Melissa Amster



Welcome to the fantabulous
Melissa Amster of Chicklit Central!

 CLC1Blog | Twitter | Facebook

Who are you and why are you blogging?
My name is Melissa Amster and I’m a blogaholic! I started blogging back in 2001 when Free Open Diary was available. Then I went to blogger and livejournal to do some personal blogs. Those were more private though. I started my personal blog, Merrylandgirl (merrylandgirl.blogspot.com), in late 2009 as a way to do something for me that was separate of being a wife and mother. Then I got the idea in the spring of 2010 to start a book blog as a way of connecting with other chick lit readers. You know what happened from there… 🙂


I most certainly do! I’m so glad you launched such a FABULOUS blog, and I’ve been honoured to have visited there many a time!!

If you could marry a celebrity, who would it be?
At the moment, Chris Messina. I totally adore him on The Mindy Project.


You’re asked to a pot luck dinner party. What do you bring?
A dessert, of course. My favorite to make is S’mores pie.

Yum yum yum yum!!!

You’re starting a book club. Which celebrities would you invite, and how would you convince them to turn up?
It would obviously be a chick lit book club.

  • Mindy Kaling, since she likes chick lit and I reviewed her book at CLC.
  • America Ferrara, since I loved her on Ugly Betty and have always wanted to meet her. I think she’d be down to earth and fun.
  • Cobie Smulders because I like casting her in books that I review and I think she’d add another dose of humor to the meetings.

I think I’d send them formal invitations and promise lots of homemade desserts and chocolate.

Mmmmmm can I come to? Especially if you’re making S’mores pie?

Unbeknownst to you, your best friend has entered you for a talent show, and suddenly you’re on a stage in front of 5,000 people. What’s your talent, and would you be voted through to the next round?
I think I could sing if I was pushed to do it. I took voice lessons in high school and that strengthened my voice. I love singing and do it all the time, even when just doing chores around the house. I even sound good to myself, and I don’t usually like the sound of my voice.

Thanks so much for visiting today, Melissa! And one of these days, I’d like to sample that s’mores pie and hear you sing (not necessarily at the same time, LOL). Rock on! 🙂


Blogger Spotlight: JB Johnston at Brook Cottage Books @BrookCottageBks


Welcome to the first blogger to take centre stage here on Romance That Rocks Your World! Give it up for the singularly amazing JB Johnston of Brook Cottage Books!!

I love this lady to bits. Go visit her–now! Well, actually: read our chat first and THEN hop on over visit her…


Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Google+

Who are you and why are you blogging?
My name is Debbie Johnston, or JB Johnston in the book blogging world, although I will answer to anything! I blog because I simply adore books. I love everything about books and their wonderfully talented authors and love sharing what I read with other like-minded people. I initially started off reviewing books and now I organise virtual book tours too which are proving to be very successful. Thanks to fellow blogger Shaz Goodwin from Jera’s Jamboree for her support around this.

Where’s your favourite reading nook and why?
Oh to have a reading nook! I lead such a hectic lifestyle that I read wherever I happen to be! Most of my books are read snuggled up on the sofa with my gorgeous husband or in bed with a cup of tea and a big plate of toast beside me. I have been known to sneak into the photocopying room in work with a good book or hide under the desk.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Oh so many crazy things, not enough time to tell you all about them! Many years ago I ‘borrowed’ a horse whilst slightly inebriated. I once trapped a guy in the ladies toilets in a nightclub and asked him to throw his underpants over the door so I could win a hen party dare! He obliged! Recently, I stalked Katie Fforde as she went into the ladies toilets at last year’s Festival of Romantic Fiction. I grabbed her for a selfie and she was very gracious about the whole thing.


There seems to be a toilet theme with me! Sadly, if I told you about all the rest of the crazy things I have done, I’d have to leave the country! On a more normal note, I have started hiking up mountains!


What’s the craziest thing you’d still like to do in your life?
I’d love to give up ‘the day job’ and focus full time on my book work. Either that or shave my head and join a commune on a desert island somewhere! I also quite like the idea of a sky-dive although my husband cannot understand why anyone would jump out of a perfectly good plane! I like to do mad things for charity (see enclosed pic of me with an elephant!)


What’s your most treasured possession?
I love to browse second hand book shops and jumble sales for old books, especially ones with inscriptions inside. I love that books have this little bit of history to them. My other most treasured possession is this little wooden chair that was given to me when I was a child. It belonged to a neighbour who would have let me hide out in her house when things were tough at home. I always sat in this chair when I was in her house. When she died, her children gave it to me. I have never painted it or changed it in any way because I think it’s just perfect!


 Who or what would need to accompany you on a desert island?
Oh I have some very essential items that I would need – A huge crate of books of course, a torch (I’m afraid of the dark), matches (to light a fire), lots of yummy food and wine, a hammock for two and my lovely husband! And, if such a thing exists, solar powered hair straighteners. I suffer from the most frizzy hair!

Top ten favourite books of all times (any genre)?

  • The Grapes of Wrath
  • The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
  • Jane Eyre
  • On Writing by Stephen King (I adore all King’s books)
  • Rebecca
  • Little Women
  • 84 Charingcross Road
  • Pride and Prejudice
  • Of Mice and Men
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

I could go on and on and on………I do also like books by a certain Ms Wells!

Who’s she? LOL! Great list. Love Steven King, although couldn’t read him again now. Read his collected works as a teenager and no, IT didn’t give me nightmares then. (It would now!)

What’s your favourite cocktail or alternative tipple?
Favourite cocktail…….ummm I kinda like them all but usually go for a Cosmo! I’m very partial to a nice rose wine or a huge glass of Baileys too.

What’s the thing you regret most not having done in your life so far?
Oh so much lol. I regret not joining the navy when I was 18 like I had planned to do but fell for a boy instead! I so wish I had also gone to university when I left school instead of waiting until I was 32! I’d have loved to have travelled more too. I also regret not chasing my writing dream. Hopefully it’s not too late for that.

The navy? Really? Wow! You’re full of surprises! As for your writing dream, it’s never too late. Get to it!! xx

If you could marry a celebrity, who would it be?
Stephen King! What can I say! I love the man!

Lol! That I did not expect, but I hear you!

You’re starting a book club. Which celebrities would you invite, and how would you convince them to turn up?
Stephen King, Nicholas Cage, Queen Victoria, Jane Austen, Emily Pankhurst, Dali Lama, George Clooney…
To convince them to turn up I’d promise copious amounts of alcohol and good food. I’d like to invite quite a varied range of people to mix it up a bit so here’s my guest list.

I’m so coming!!

You’re invited to a buffet dinner, but you can pick only ONE savoury item and ONE sweet. What would you cram on your plate?
Oh the savoury item would be something with chilli in it. Yum! The sweet item would have to be something chocolate based.

You’re asked to a pot luck dinner party. What do you bring?
Vegetable Curry! I make a mean curry!

Where’s your favourite place in the whole wide world?
Malta. I went there on my honeymoon and cried when we had to leave!

You’re talking to a hopeless romantic (me). But do you believe in love at first sight? Why? (Or why not?)
Well that’s a toughie. With my first husband it was love at first sight and that turned out to be a disaster! With my second husband, I hated him! He irritated me so much and I thought he was a loud-mouthed pig! Now, I totally adore the man and I have the greatest marriage ever! The heart is a funny thing!

Unbeknownst to you, your best friend has entered you for a talent show, and suddenly you’re on a stage in front of 5,000 people. What’s your talent, and would you be voted through to the next round?
I can do the splits! But, only when drunk! That’s it I’m afraid. I cannot sing or play a musical instrument!

Any other random comments or photos that you’d like to share with my readers?
I’d like to say a big thank you to all the authors who have entrusted their ‘babies’ to me. I have cherished your books as though they were my own. I have loved them, cried with them, laughed with them and disappeared into unknown worlds with them. When life seemed to be too much at times, they have breathed new life into me and saved me.

Awwwwwww you are so sweet!

Thanks so much, JB,  for taking the spotlight today, and for sharing all those wonderful facts. So~you’re a little bit crazy, you hike, you wanted to join the navy, strange things happen to you in public toilets, and you harbour a dream of becoming a writer. Go for it! I love you to bits and am cheering you on all the way. Rock on!! XX 🙂

I always keep my promises.

Hello my friends! I’m back!

Oh, how I’ve missed you all! Thank you for bearing with me during my radio silence since early January. But indeed I’ve kept my promise: I’m back. And I’ve written you a new book!

Ta-da! Very proud of my latest masterpiece. Novel #7 -- 7 Years Bad Sex!

Ta-da! Very proud of my latest masterpiece. Novel #7 — 7 Years Bad Sex!

It’s a romantic comedy, and here’s another promise: it’s unlike anything you’ve ever read before. Check out the blurb:

7 Years Bad Sex

One wedding. One curse?  Disaster ever after…

7Years_Cover_TeaserA seven-years-bad-sex curse? Surely not! Yet something went wrong when rock singer Casey and drummer Alex got married on that beautiful yacht anchored off St Tropez in the south of France. Something went badly wrong. For even on their wedding night, the young couple discovers a complete and somewhat surprising inability to make love. Muddling through their honeymoon with a string of thin excuses for their predicament, the lovers defer finding a solution (and panicking) until the return to their home in London. After all, they married for life and to make rock music, not for the love of sex. Right?

But when they resume life as normal in London, all hell breaks loose. Increasingly frantic in their quest for release, the unhappy newlyweds embark on a string of hilarious and occasionally harmful antics that drives them, their band, and an assortment of random strangers to the brink of despair. But it ain’t over ‘til it’s over or, in this case… it ain’t over ‘til the newlyweds sing.

Want some more? Okay, here goes…

There was a stunned silence in the room while Alex and Casey tried to assimilate the importance of this statement. Casey was hot and cold all over. She remembered all too well her conversation with Alex on the yacht after they had trawled through the wedding video. He had pointed out to her even then that she hadn’t looked at him.

Casey shivered. She caught Alex’s eye and saw nothing but utter confusion. ‘I told you,’ he seemed to mouth at her, but he was shrugging at the same time as though to say, ‘I haven’t got a clue what that means.’ Seconds ticked by slowly. Liza was still standing up, one fist raised in an air punch. Sasha had taken one of Casey’s hands as though she needed comforting.

Eventually Alex spoke. ‘Maybe we didn’t look at each other. So what?’

Liza and Sasha shared another look. ‘The Seven Years Bad Sex Curse!’ they shouted as one.

Alex burst out laughing. ‘The Seven Years Bad Sex Curse?’ he repeated. ‘You’re taking the mickey, right?’

Myles was chuckling so hard, he toppled over sideways on the sofa and had to hold his stomach. ‘That’s why we had to rush over here? To tell them about a Seven Years Bad Sex Curse?’

‘Laugh all you want,’ Liza said calmly. ‘But you’re watching it in action.’

Casey swallowed hard. She didn’t believe in curses. They were nothing but delusory superstitions from the middle ages. But still, both Sasha and Liza looked utterly serious.

‘So—so what does that curse entail?’ Casey asked, her voice almost a whisper.

Sasha produced her smartphone and called up a website. ‘It says here,’ she says, ‘that’s there’s a superstition in many parts of southern Europe about how not looking at each other when clinking glasses during a toast brings couples seven years bad sex.’ She angled her phone so that everyone could see the screen.

‘And you were in France when you committed this ritualistic mishap,’ Liza offered helpfully. ‘So that definitely applies.’

Save the date…

7 Years Bad Sex Cover reveal: 23 April 2015
7 Years Bad Sex Pre-order release via Amazon: 4 May 2015
7 Years Bad Sex Official launch day: 14 May 2015


More promises to keep!

When I left for my social media blackout to focus on writing my next masterpiece, I promised I’d be back with a bang. Well, just in case a finished book due to hit the market in less than two months isn’t enough of a bang, I’ve also thought up a double celebration strategy. Are you ready?

Celebrating bloggers…


Over the years, I’ve had an incredible amount of support, help and guidance from an amazing group of bloggers. I want to return the favour. I want to share the love! Therefore in honour of 7 Years Bad Sex and my return to the social media world, I’m going to say ‘Thank You’ to those amazing people out there via a series of ‘Blogger Spotlights’ which will feature on my blog on Thursdays from 19 March onwards. Be sure to stop by and check out what makes those bloggers so very special!

…and resurrecting Music Monday!

7 Years Bad Sex simply cries out for a movie deal,
and I’ve got the soundtrackNewMusicMondayLogo ready in my head for when that day arrives. With that, in the run up to the release of my most fantastic romantic comedy to date, I’ll be sharing my playlist with you every Monday, starting from 23 March 2015. I hope you’re ready to dream, boogie, and rock out!

How’s that for coming back in style?

I hope you’ll all join me in the preparations and celebrations for 7 Years Bad Sex. Meanwhile, thanks again for bearing with me. You won’t be disappointed!

Loveya to bits and see you soon…