Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

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First of all, wishing all my readers all over a world a lovely holiday Monday if, indeed, it is a holiday with you. It’s certainly a Bank Holiday in the UK and it’s Memorial Day in the US…so if you are enjoying a long weekend, I hope it’s a fab one. And if you’re not: have a rocking day anyway!

Today I’m posting a classic, timeless song that’s seen me through many a decision, albeit in a roundabout way! To me, this is the celebration of indecision and uncertainty, and it’s absolutely priceless if you are facing a personal crossroads. It gives you a great sense of not being alone with a difficult decision, PLUS you get to rock out while you ponder. On a few memorable occasions, this very song has swayed me towards the ‘go’ option (like…leaving Germany, leaving a boyfriend, leaving a terrible flat). Then again, in different circumstances, I’ve come out on the side of ‘stay’ (Stay on a course, stay with a boyfriend, stay in a flat…). Life goes in circles, but that takes me onto a different song for a different time.

Today, I’m probably going off to the seaside with the family, and as the afternoon draws to a close and the promised rain clouds brew up, the song will take on a very… practical dimension indeed. So here goes:


So, what about you? Have you ever faced this conundrum? And which way did you turn ~ did you stay or did you go? I’d love to hear from you!



13 responses to “Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

  1. We have that promised for later too … although it’s looking likely a lot earlier! Enjoy your time at the coast Nicky. Love your Music Monday x

    • Thanks, Shaz! We had a fabulous day ~ sunny all the way, although very windy! We decided to ‘go’ in the end because we were feeling dizzy from all the wind and sand blown about. Hope you had a good day and thanks for your lovely comment! X

  2. Hi Nicky
    Here I begin to even start racking my brain this early on a holiday Monday, the link you gave didn’t work for me here on this proverbial side of The Pond; this one does.

    Have a GREAT DAY !!!
    I’ll return later with my response.

  3. The moment I read the title for your selection I knew the for my selection had to be one which turns the table on the question your song raises. It had to be one in which the person who caused the question to be raised in the first place and is now reflecting on the same question.
    My response this week is a first for me since we began our Monday music sessions, as it’s a song I’ve had responded with once before. It’s a song I know you love, sung by a singer you love as well, so here once again is:

    Have a GREAT Monday holiday.
    As always.

    Robin Leigh Morgan

    • OMG, Robin, this is one of my all-time favourite songs. Although I have to confess, I prefer the original by Jacques Brel. It’s called ‘Ne Me Quitte Pas’ and it’s heart-rendingly beautiful. He regularly used to cry when he performed that piece. I’ve tried posting Jacques Brel to Music Monday before but all his songs are blocked from sharing and embedding but if you get a moment, do check it out. Thank you for another excellent suggestions! XX

      • Nicky
        Believe it or not we’ve this conversation before the first time I post my song selection as a response. When you view the video of him singing it you get a B/W close-up of his face. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Hi Nicky, hope you’re having a great bank Holiday break. My response to your blog question is Don’t Look Back by Boston – whatever your decision to stay or go you should stick by it and never look back

  5. Thanks, Jo, I like your style and your attitude; very true! Hope you had a great Bank Holiday Monday! XX

  6. I still have this one on repeat, Nicky! LOL

  7. Great choice, Nicky!! Sometimes I go but this time I’m staying. 🙂

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