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Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

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First of all, wishing all my readers all over a world a lovely holiday Monday if, indeed, it is a holiday with you. It’s certainly a Bank Holiday in the UK and it’s Memorial Day in the US…so if you are enjoying a long weekend, I hope it’s a fab one. And if you’re not: have a rocking day anyway!

Today I’m posting a classic, timeless song that’s seen me through many a decision, albeit in a roundabout way! To me, this is the celebration of indecision and uncertainty, and it’s absolutely priceless if you are facing a personal crossroads. It gives you a great sense of not being alone with a difficult decision, PLUS you get to rock out while you ponder. On a few memorable occasions, this very song has swayed me towards the ‘go’ option (like…leaving Germany, leaving a boyfriend, leaving a terrible flat). Then again, in different circumstances, I’ve come out on the side of ‘stay’ (Stay on a course, stay with a boyfriend, stay in a flat…). Life goes in circles, but that takes me onto a different song for a different time.

Today, I’m probably going off to the seaside with the family, and as the afternoon draws to a close and the promised rain clouds brew up, the song will take on a very… practical dimension indeed. So here goes:


So, what about you? Have you ever faced this conundrum? And which way did you turn ~ did you stay or did you go? I’d love to hear from you!