School’s Out For Summer!

It’s Music Monday!


Well. And there’s really only one song that’ll do today. ’nuff said!

Have a FABULOUS summer, everyone. 🙂
Would love to hear your plans!

Me? Well, we’re having a long weekend in London to start with where we shall be exploring the city by DUCK! Next up, the kids are lucky enough to get a holiday from me for a few days when they stay at the grandparents’. 🙂 Then we’re all off to Yorkshire together for a coast’n’moors holiday. And apart from that, we have plenty of day trips and jollifications at home planned. The next six weeks will fly by, I’m sure… And you know what happens at the end of the summer holidays, right? (Hint… #SophiesEncore)

12 responses to “School’s Out For Summer!

  1. Perfect choice! And great song – one of my faves! Our schools broke up 3 weeks ago, of course…all my mum friends are fed up with the kids being off already, although at least the weather has co-operated!
    My Music Monday was also a really obvious choice for me this week… 😉

    • Hiya! I thought you might like this!! Three weeks ago, wow! But you’ve had great weather, that’s luck. I saw your holiday post and have responded. Have a great trip and thanks for visiting here so shortly before you take off! XX

  2. Hi Nicky,
    This song does bring back memories of going to school when the school year end and it definitely didn’t matter as the song states if you were a boy or a girl, it became a time when we all did sing about having no more pencils, no more books, no more teacher’s dirty looks. It was also a time when love interests made in school had to come to an end for the next ten weeks [or so], and a pledge had to be made to renew that love interest in September. With that I give you my response song for this week. Hope you and everyone reading this will enjoy it.

  3. Sounds awesome. England is lovely 🙂 My summer plans concern pre-reading for school and moving up to Edinburgh come September 😀

    Have fun!

  4. Sounds fantastic, Nicky! We only have about 4 more weeks of summer vacation left. 😦 We do have a trip to Washington state planned, so that will be fun.

    • That sounds great! ‘Only’ four weeks? How much do you get? We get six weeks here, and I’m just a little daunted, LOL! Thank for stopping by, Brandee, always lovely to see you here! XXX Have a great trip!

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