Is This All There Is? COVER REVEAL with Patricia Mann



CONTACT:  Jake Skolnick

Patricia Mann Releases Debut Novel Is This All There Is
on January 3, 2013.


What happens when a married professor is tempted to risk losing her family and career for a passionate fling with a former student?

 Los Angeles Times freelance writer Michelle Hoffman says, “Honest and moving, Mann’s work is a touching snapshot of middle-America today, a compelling story about one woman’s struggle to keep up appearances while coming undone.”

San Diego, CA— December 19, 2012 — Patricia Mann is happy to announce the release of her debut novel from Mannequin Vanity Publishing, Is This All There Is. The book will be available in print and e-book on January 3, 2013 through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Is This All There Is contains 206 pages of an everyday woman’s real life conflicts, rewards and temptations as she struggles to navigate her responsibilities and desires as a woman, a wife, a mother and a professor.

Beth Thomas has the perfect life. At thirty-five, she’s married to her college sweetheart, has two adorable kids, and teaches part time at the local university. But when a friend persuades Beth to go dancing on a rare night out, a chance meeting with twenty-one year old Dave, one of her former students, changes the course of her life. Loud music, too much to drink, and the thrill of feeling young again leads to an unforgettable kiss that was never supposed to happen. As she tries to put the memory behind her, Dave’s pursuit leaves Beth torn between what her mind says is right and what her heart and body crave.

ISBN 978-0-9831544-4-0

To place orders for the book, contact:
Mannequin Vanity Publishing
$9.99 Paperback, $5.99 E-book

>>>In honour of the Cover Reveal, IS THIS ALL THERE IS? is currently on promotion for only $0.99!!!!<<<<


Patricia Mann is a University professor in Southern California.  She lives with her husband, two kids, and their dog.

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Mannequin Vanity Publishing is a San Diego based literary imprint of Mannequin Vanity Records, a 360 degree record company originated in New York, NY in 2008. Mannequin Vanity Publishing is dedicated to human and social justice.  Every MVP author is required to dedicate a significant portion (no less than 10% after a decent living wage) of the profits from book sales to national or international entities that strive to make the world a better place for all. Mannequin Vanity Publishing is a GREEN company encouraging the purchase of its books and products in eBook and AudioBook format. MVP books will be printed on demand in paperback only to reduce the waste of paper resources involved in traditional mass copy book production.

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STOP PRESS! Seeing as that it’s Monday, which means MUSIC, Patricia has also forwarded her song choice for the day.
Kick back and chill out with this awesome tune:


11 responses to “Is This All There Is? COVER REVEAL with Patricia Mann

  1. That’s a gorgeous, sensual cover, kudos to the designer 😉

  2. Hi Nicky

    I’m back again for my third post today. Since you’re doing a reveal for Patricia Mann’s new book “Is This All There Is?” there is ONLY ONE music response I can leave. It’s a song in which a woman sings about various stages in her life by asking the same question. I remember this song because in 1969 I reached the age of acceptance and could do things I couldn’t do before.

    Hope you, Patricia, and everyone will enjoy listening to it.


    Robin Leigh Morgan

  3. Nicky, thank you so much for this beautiful cover reveal! I’m still so excited about my new cover! You have been incredibly kind to me and I really appreciate all your support!!! xxxxx

    Robin, I just watched Peggie Lee singing “Is That All There Is?” and I can’t thank you enough for the gift of sharing it with us here! It’s perfect for the themes in my book.

    • You’re quite welcomed. I had a feeling it might just be perfect from reading the description above. Glad you loved listening to it. Good luck with this and all of your writing endeavors.

    • Hiya, Patricia ~ it’s lovely to have you here today, you’re so very welcome indeed. I’m happy you enjoyed the format of the post although I can’t really take any credit ~ you did it all. Hope the reveal and promo shape up to be a monumental success!

      Robin is a fabulous contributor ~ she always nails the song choice. I’m glad you two met!

  4. Ooh, I love it – the cover and the vids. Adore Peggy Lee. Thanks for sharing, guys! 🙂 xx

  5. Ooooh! I love the cover! The look on the woman’s face is so haunting – matches the title perfectly!! Patricia – congratulations on the success of your terrific book. Cheers!

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