9 Days to go…. #SophiesEncore


5 responses to “9 Days to go…. #SophiesEncore

  1. The final countdown has started in earnest for the big day of the official release of Sophie’s Encore. And just as your day is about to come [in slow motion pictures] so will the big day when we can finally find out how the relationship between Sophie and Dan will turn out. It’s a day I feel that’s Dan, and perhaps Sophie, are really hopeful about.
    And you’re right; I wouldn’t be posting a comment unless I’m going to post a musical selection as well.
    Well I also feel it’s a day these two individuals might already be singing about.

    This song should be setting the mood for the BIG RELEASE DAY.

    ENJOY !!!

  2. Oh, you’re such a tease, Nicky!!

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