Friday 13th? I’m Not Superstitious!

No, I’m really not superstitious! And neither is one of my favourite bands. I know it’s not Music Monday, but this is such an obvious thing to share, I couldn’t help myself. (…again!  If you’re a regular visitor to my blog, you might just have seen this clip before… on a different Friday 13th!)

Happy Friday 13th, and don’t you go crossing the road left to right now….

PS: This post went live at 9:13 on 13.9.13. That’s pretty cool, right?

8 responses to “Friday 13th? I’m Not Superstitious!

  1. Hah! I can’t really be superstitious about Friday the 13th – It’s my birthday, and I’ll walk under ladders if I want to!!!
    Let’s rock 🙂 xx

  2. Hi Nicky

    It appears that aside from publishing something in the romance genre, you with your Rock Star Romance Trilogy and me with my first YA Paranormal romance novel; aside from speaking German to a different extend among other things, it appears both of us do not suffer from Triskaidekaphobia [fear of the number 13].

    During my life and albeit negative things has happen I tend to look more on the positive ones. As those of you who are regular followers of Nicky’s blog know by now I can’t really post a comment without my leaving a musical selection response regardless of what day it might be; if the opportunity is there I will take it and today is no exception. So here’s my musical selection for today. ENJOY

    PS – Nicky I can see you sitting at your keyboard, your finger at the ready, waiting for the appropriate time for you to hit the ENTER key. 😀 😀 😀


    • Lucky Day! Yes! Another good antidote. And you taught me something, although I shan’t try to pronounce the word for the fear of the number 13. Thanks, Robin, and hope you dray goes fabulously well!!

  3. I’m not superstitious either. I just try not to tempt fate.

  4. Great song, Nicky! Happy Friday…the 13th. Have a great weekend!

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