I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

It’s Music Monday!


Morning, peeps! I’m so sorry I’m late posting this feature today. Last week was crazy from start to finish, and I’m still recovering from the climax that was Friday’s launch of Spirits of Christmas. I mean that ~ I’m literally camped out on the sofa, rehydrating with lemon tea and trying to get to a state where I can keep my eyes open, LOL, for more than five minutes at a time. Write hard, party hard, rest… every now and then!

With that, a song’s been my mantra for the past few days and weeks. I’m sure these guys can relate to how I’m feeling right now.

*waves* I’ll catch you properly later in the week! Don’t miss out on Wednesday’s ON AIR jollifications, and hurry to enter the giveaway for two paperback copies of Spirits of Christmas or a brand new rock/pop Christmas tunes album! Rock on!

7 responses to “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

  1. Hi Nicky,
    I guess every must be sleeping late today as I can’t believe it’s about 11:00 AM here in the New York area, and I’m still the first one to do a post.

    Anyway, this weekend those of living on this side of “The Pond” had to turn our clocks back one hour, supposedly to gain an hour sleep. I never seem to since I don’t go to sleep any earlier; and in the spring we reverse the process and turn our clocks ahead one hour, and I lose an hour sleep since the instant I wake up at my “usual” time, it’s already an hour later. Confusing isn’t it.

    I find it quite interesting that you’ve picked “SLEEP” as today’s topic since my OH and I decided to watch Shrek 2 again over the weekend where they play this song.

    Guess I’ve picked another rabbit out of the proverbial hat again.

    I hope your OH, Jon, is making sure your boys aren’t bothering you at this time.

    Wishing a GREAT and RESTFUL WEEK.

    Heavens know you DESERVE IT !!!

    • LOL thank you, Robin! I’m slowing down a little but I have a few things going on that require my full and unbridled enthusiasm, so I think NEXT week will be my real flaking out week. I might even take a break from blogging for the week… hmm… there’s an idea, an off-schedule holiday. Reckon you’d forgive me if I went silent for a week?

  2. That’s suppose to be “EVERYONE”
    I guess I need to go some more sleep myself, 😀 😀 😀

  3. My dad always used to say that. I can sleep when I’m dead.

  4. I had the same sort of week, Nicky. I’m still recovering as you can see by the fact that I’m commenting on Music Monday and it’s Tuesday! 😉 So this song was a great pick! Of course, one can never go wrong with Bon Jovi!

    Congrats on the new release. I’m currently reading it! 😉 Hope you’re fully recovered soon!

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