I’m officially well heeled! (And ready for the movie premiere…)

This week I bought myself the most amazing pair of heels in the sale. They are blue and sparkly and just absolutely fab. My heart had lusted after them ever since I first saw them in January. And when this last remaining pair winked at me from the shelf on Tuesday, I was done for. I couldn’t leave them there. They had my name on!

Sparkly blue heels... I'm ready for anything!

Sparkly blue heels… I’m ready for anything!

Of course, I can’t walk in them. I am known for my notorious inability to walk in any kind of heels. But who cares? I simply had to have them. They are ‘me’ all over. Plus they scream ‘Emily!’ ~ my leading lady in Fallen for Rock would certainly be able to show these off!

So I’m keeping them in their box, lovingly wrapped in tissue paper, for me to admire and gaze at every now and then (which is often, at the moment).  One day, I will get that movie deal, whether for Sophie’s Turn or Fallen for Rock, and then, my friends, I will elegantly glide down the red carpet in these blue sparkly heels: mark my words. Until then, I’m just happy to have them. Moreover, that’s another item crossed off my bucket list (“buy totally impractical but drop-dead gorgeous pair of shoes that you might never wear but without which your life isn’t complete.” Done!)

Have you ever made an equally lustful and whimsical purchase?

12 responses to “I’m officially well heeled! (And ready for the movie premiere…)

  1. Hi Nicki
    I never wear heels except maybe for “Fancy Dress.” From what I’m looking at they look like they’re about 3″ – 3 1/2 ” [76mm – 89mm] high.
    Now I’ve got to THANK YOU for giving me to dust off that jukebox in my mind to give you another one of my “famous” tunes for one of your posts.
    I hope you enjoy listening to it as my selection process has rusted a bit since the last time I’ve used it.

  2. I completely understand (and, as you might know, I am a bit of a shoe fanatic, so have many a story of impulse buys to tell…).
    However, I very nearly had a more serious confession to make. On Sunday I went to the Book Fair in Geneva and saw a stunning Mont Blanc limited series fountain pen Virginia Woolf (they had all of the writers’ limited editions one there). It was probably one of the last ones available (the Mont Blanc boutique owner had collected all of the remaining writers’ editions from all shops all over the world just for the Geneva fair). I was soooo tempted to get it, especially since Virginia Woolf is one of my favourites. But I promised myself that I would only buy a Mont Blanc pen when I signed my first publishing contract so…
    Tears were shed later that night, I promise.

    • Aw Marina! Oh no!! What a story! I wish I could fix this for you, my heart’s aching. I totally get that. However, I have one thing to say. You *will* sign that publishing contract one day. You’ll probably sign it with a biro in great haste and excitement, LOL, but you will sign it. And then you’ll buy yourself the Mont Blanc to sign ‘authorgraphs’ into your first editions… XXX

  3. Fabulous shoes, but I was so relieved to hear that you won’t try to walk in them.

  4. Greetings from New Zealand! Love love love those shoes! Miss you lots Nicky Wells. Don’t forget to include me in future tours 🙂 xxxxx

    • *waves like a maniac* Toni! HI! So lovely to hear from you, thanks for dropping by. Hope you’re doing well! Glad you love my sparkles, and of course I’ll include you in the next tour!!! 🙂 XXX

  5. Love the shoes. Need to find and buy mine for my ‘one day’ movie premier.. No still not finished editing so further behind than you! xxx

  6. ooh loving the shoes – I too am a shoe person and bought the most ridiculous pair of heels with my birthday money when I was 40. Everyone knew I sooooo wanted a pair of Jimmy Choos and I was off to New York for my birthday – literally the world and her wife gave me $’s for said purchase. I had seen a pair in London which were to die for with a ticket price of £1000 – way out of my price range!! Upon walking around the coveted Jimmy Choo store I homed in on a very similar pair with a 4 1/2″ heel with flimsy diamond strap across toes and black satin, diamond encrusted heels – an absolute bargain at $1000 (dollar was 2 for 1 at the time) so already half price, add a sale discount and a little more cos the assistant liked me and I walked out of the door with dream shoes for $620 / £310 leaving me with enough money for a trip to Tiffany’s to buy a necklace 🙂
    I’ve only wore the shoes 4 times in six years but I just love knowing I have them 🙂 xx

    • OMG Dawn! That’s amazing. I’ve simply GOT to see a photo of those shoes! You see, I never got the shoe thing before. And while my blue sparkly heels aren’t in the league of your Jimmy Choos, I totally adore the fact that I have them (even though I can’t walk in them). And I think after 41 years, I finally ‘get’ that ‘shoe thing.’ So then… photo, photo! Show us the shoes and the necklace? Pretty please?

      Thanks for visiting and commenting and sharing the passion! XX

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