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I’m officially well heeled! (And ready for the movie premiere…)

This week I bought myself the most amazing pair of heels in the sale. They are blue and sparkly and just absolutely fab. My heart had lusted after them ever since I first saw them in January. And when this last remaining pair winked at me from the shelf on Tuesday, I was done for. I couldn’t leave them there. They had my name on!

Sparkly blue heels... I'm ready for anything!

Sparkly blue heels… I’m ready for anything!

Of course, I can’t walk in them. I am known for my notorious inability to walk in any kind of heels. But who cares? I simply had to have them. They are ‘me’ all over. Plus they scream ‘Emily!’ ~ my leading lady in Fallen for Rock would certainly be able to show these off!

So I’m keeping them in their box, lovingly wrapped in tissue paper, for me to admire and gaze at every now and then (which is often, at the moment).  One day, I will get that movie deal, whether for Sophie’s Turn or Fallen for Rock, and then, my friends, I will elegantly glide down the red carpet in these blue sparkly heels: mark my words. Until then, I’m just happy to have them. Moreover, that’s another item crossed off my bucket list (“buy totally impractical but drop-dead gorgeous pair of shoes that you might never wear but without which your life isn’t complete.” Done!)

Have you ever made an equally lustful and whimsical purchase?