I want your sex.

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This is the special “playlist for 7 Years Bad Sex” series, and this song speaks entirely for itself.


“Casey’s heart rate notched up again, and a warm fuzzy feeling stirred in her stomach. Mmmh, sex with her husband. She couldn’t wait.”

Oh. But whatever happens next?
You know it won’t be what Casey’s expecting.

See you next Monday for the second song on the 7 Years Bad Sex playlist…

Not sure what 7 Years Bad Sex is all about? Find out more HERE.

3 responses to “I want your sex.

  1. WOW – It’s about 8:30 AM here in the New York Metropolitan area and no one has commented as of yet,
    Well, you DJ had to get a link which would work on this side of “The Pond” again.

  2. I know I might have selected the wrong artist. But at least I got the song.

    Com’ on girls. Sex is okay. But wouldn’t you rather have someone wanting all of you instead. Honestly

    So here’s my response:

  3. I’m so intrigued by this book! Looking forward to it immensely. Have a rockin’ week! xx

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