Just saying…


7 responses to “Just saying…

  1. Exciting! Is that the crime thriller?
    And that’s why you are so productive, instead of wasting time on blogging and social media like me (although in my case it was more a case of blogging or no writing at all for the past year).

    • Hello you and happy new year! Yes, it is the crime thriller. Wahooo! And you know your blog rocks. Have you had a look at your following lately? You’re a goddess! As for writing… this will be your year. Go go go! 😀 XXX

      • If you need any final beta reader or something, you know the offer always stands for crime fiction! (Much more comfortable giving feedback on that than on romance. Im Leben auch!)

      • Thank you so much! I’m actually just this very minute proofing the print copy already, which is always tremendously exciting. 😀

  2. Looking forward to hearing all about it Nicky. Am good for a promo if you would like one. Let me know xx

  3. Oooh, how exciting, Nicky! Looking forward to its arrival! I still have a couple of yours to read (Fallen for Rock; 7 Years Bad Sex) but that’s because I believe anticipation is half the fun!
    I’m on an enforced “break from the novel” at the moment (thank you, M.E.!) so am really missing getting stuck into my other worlds.
    Good luck with the launch! xx

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