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PARTY TIME! Celebrating the launch of Sophie’s Turn #sophiesturn

I’ve been dreaming of this day since I was ten, and now I’m lost for words?

What can I say? Words aren’t adequate. I’m whooping with joy and clapping my hands and jumping up and down. I’m whistling and cheering and clapping. And finally, I shout.

Hooooooray! It’s publication day for Sophie’s Turn!!

Sophie’s Turn is now available in Kindle edition from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk and many other Amazon sites. The paperback edition is also available from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk. In addition, you can obtain Sophie’s Turn from Barnes & Noble. Yes, you can grab your copy now! And then… let’s party!

If you wanted to order 10, this is what you’d get… a whole box full!

I’m expecting quite a few guests throughout the day. There’ll be music, and dancing, and food. Come and join me as I go into party rock chick mode! I’ll update the post as new things happen during the day… it’ll be amazing.

Nicky’s Launch Party for Sophie’s Turn…

OMG, I am so excited that I can barely contain myself. What will the day bring? I have, however, breakfasted in style: a special treat courtesy of the kids.

Wow, Bucks Fizz Muffins! Didn’t know these existed…

Oh… they’re yummy! Thank you, boys!

The complete works? For me? Because it’s such a big day…? I’m touched. Tuck in!

Next job… Decorate the house!

Let’s have bunting (handmade)…

…and balloons, too!

Is that the doorbell? Already???
My goodness, the guests are arriving… must hurry!

Here’s Shaz, my first ever blogger-reviewer! She says: ‘Am honoured to have been a small part of your writing journey Nicky. You deserve all the success, not only for your skill but for all the work you put in behind the scenes. Have an amazing day with the re-launch of Sophie’s Turn and here’s to your continued success… **clinks champagne glasses** Rock On!’

And Sue, my writing buddy! She says: ‘Huge congratulations Nicky!
All your hard work rewarded.
Can’t wait to have a paperback copy of my bookshelf! XXX’

Linn, fabulous loveahappyending.com and Sapphire Star sister, is here, too! She says: ‘When it comes to rock chicks Sophie is IT! She might be in a quandary – Tim or Dan? – but she’s sure as hell going to have some fun! Wishing you all the best Nicky and congrats on a fab-u-lous party!’

OMG, all of the Romaniacs have arrived: I’m bowled over. They say: Happy Publication Day Nicky! So glad we could make it to the party – it’s certainly busy here. Have a great time and thank you for all your support. Love ~ The Romaniacs x

So many people here… that deserves a little song, right?

*Nicky sings** I’m walking on sunshine… yeah-eah…. And thank you for coming, yeah-eah-eah….

Heading into the afternoon… let’s have some lunch first!

Well, I had to, didn’t I? Sophie adores seafood… as do I!

More guests… the photographer is here! Welcome Debbie!!


Ooooh! And my publishers are here: that’s a really early start for them. So thrilled they made it!

Welcome, Katie! **clinks glasses**

And Amy, too: Hello! **Clinks glasses again**

And of course the party is spreading around the world!
I’m also at Shaz’s blog, Jera’s Jamboree, right now, as well as over at Loveahappyending.com. The Romaniacs are hosting me, as is Dizzy C’s Little Book Blog. In Germany, I’m visiting Dorothy Dreyer’s We Do Write, and over in the United States, I’m with Sapphire Star Publishing sister, AL Jackson, Susan Livingston’s Fascinating Books and Beth Art From the Heart. Last but not least, I am also in Canada with Melanie Robertson-King on her Celtic Connexions blog.
I mean, WOW! Talk about a global booklaunch…

So it’s lunchtime… we must be half-way there! That reminds me of a song. What was it?

**Sings along with Bon Jovi** …we’ve got each other, and that’s a lot, for love… we’ll Give It A Shot!

And hooray, right on cue, Jessie D. is here too! We are totally rockin’ and rollin’ over here.

I am so excited for the re-release of Sophie’s Turn. I can’t believe it was just a year ago when I first read this incredible book. It was my first Kindle read, and I stayed up late into the night unable to put it down, wondering what would happen next to poor, sweet, confused Sophie. And the opportunity to do some armchair traveling along with Sophie’s own adventures was so fun.
I couldn’t be more happy for author extraordinaire Nicky Wells! I’m not just a huge fan of this book because of Nicky – I’m a huge fan of Nicky’s because of this book! She’s woven a fabulous, fun tale, and I can’t wait to share this book with my friends and family… and then find out what happens next for Sophie in the rest of the trilogy!
Best of luck on the re-release, Nicky… and Sophie!

This Joint Is Jumping!

Apparently, I have to do the rock chick thing now. Well, if you’re sure… You did ask!

**Strums and sings** More than words… is all you have to do…. to make it real…

What do you mean, speech, speech?
**muffled heckling from the sofa**
Oh, alright. But I’ll have to put my glasses on first… and my speech dress.

OK, then, let’s hear it…

This is a really big day for me and it wouldn’t have happened without a number of amazing people in my life. So in true Oscar style, I’d like to thank my Mum, for always believing in me, and my gorgeous husband, for ditto.  Thank you to all the many fantastic people who are continuing to help me along the way, not least: Amy and Katie at Sapphire Star Publishing; Jessie Dalrymple; Shirley Mukisa; Shaz Goodwin; Sue Fortin; Linn Halton; everyone at loveahappyending.com; Deborah Smith; and the many, many wonderful bloggers who support me: know that you make this author’s world go round! You rock, one and all. Thank you!

Changed back into my party gear. Ready for a song and a dance… and some air guitar, perhaps?

And I will dance the night away….

Oh hello! My husband is back from work…

Big hugs for my lovely, smiley husband. We’ve missed you at the party!

…and he’s brought me flowers!! Time to dress up for the evening, it appears…

Now I do feel like a celebrity!

How do you know that you’ve arrived? You know when the rock stars turn up at your party!

Give it up for: THE HUSH!

WOW! Look what special guests have arrived now… IT’S THE HUSH BAND! I am absolutely and complety overwhelmed. What a party! THE HUSH also have a message: “What an honor to be Nicky’s special guest for this momentous occassion! We wish you all the best. Sophie’s Turn is a terrific read.”
OK. Now I need to sit down quietly for a moment or I am going to explode….. Whoooop!

They’re setting up stage… they’re going to play. WOW! I am beside myself with glee and excitement.  Rock stars a the rock star romance lauch party. AWESEOME! THE HUSH totally rocks!

Now it’s definitely CHAMPAGNE O’CLOCK!

I did it! I did it! Didn’t spill a drop!

Say ‘Sophiiieee’ for a picture with the star of the day.
(The BOOK, not me!)

‘Sophiiieee’: Me, my book, and a glass of pink bubbly. Rock on!

Whoa. So much bubbly. So much dancing. So much day left to go… Time to stock up the energy reserves. Happy eating!

Let’s have a party spread… Bon apetit, help yourself!

How and when will the party end?
Will it end?

 Actually, all good things come to an end.
And this, as they say, is it for this feature!

Aaaah… End of a long, happy day. CHEERS!

Thank you all SO much for coming to the party, for joining in, leaving comments, partying with me and my guests. It’s been really special and I couldn’t have done it without you.
It’s been an absolute blast! 

Please keep tweeting, keep visiting, keep rocking: that’s the spirit. I’ll be out and about for a long while yet, tweeting you, saying ‘hi’ on Facebook and responding to your much appreciated comments. 🙂

Thus, with the party only very nearly over,
the motto for the after-party is…

Rock the night! Rock on my friends, and happy reading.


Shooting a likeness!

What’s in a photo, you wonder? Well, anything, and everything.
When I launched my debut novel, Sophie’s Turn, unto the world, I was proud of the product (am, to this day, incidentally) and excited to present it to a keen readership.  I was a nifty author (still am, of course) but a hapless publisher.  As many of you have read over the past few months, my learning curve was vertical in every respect.  But there’s one aspect I haven’t yet talked about:  the author’s likeness.

The what?  you say, incredulous.  Yes, the author’s likeness, the legalese term that the industry appears to prefer.  A photo, to you and me.

Well, I needed one.  Naturally, I hadn’t given that any thought until I started blogging, tweeting and Facebooking.  I frantically dug around in thousands of digital photos taken over the past eight years or so, only to discover that not only wasn’t there a decent photo of me anywhere, but also there wasn’t a single (not one!) photo of me without kids or husband.  Somewhere along the motherly career path, I appear to have been lost as a person in her own right.  But that’s a different blog post for a different time.

Nicky’s author image, mach 1

Never fear, I am crafty with the old cut-and-paste function! Rather than being an egg-head, I selected the most suitable photo and cut myself out of it.  Yes, that one there, to the left. What’s that white fog, you want to know? Well, that was my older son’s hand, once, but it looked rather weird there, all chopped off and disembodied.  Granted, the white scwobble doesn’t look much better, but it did the job.  For… all of four weeks or so. Then I decided I need something more suitable.  When we happened to have some friends visiting and I had some time and looked presentable for once, we took some more snaps.  The outcome was author photo number 2, yes, the one to the right here.  An improvement, don’t you think?

Say cheeeeese! Nicky’s author photo, mach 2

This photo has graced my author’s pages, guest blogs and avatars all over the web ever since.  It’s an alright photo.  It’s sunny, and very me.  But it’s also decidedly… unexciting.  Unglamorous.  Not like me at all then, seeing as that I write romance that rocks your world! What to do? There had to be a solution somewhere.  Well, of course there was.  An obvious one, even.  I needed a photographer, and a photo shoot.  So that’s exactly what I did, with the help of amazing friend and budding photographer, Deborah Smith, and a superbly professional camera courtesy of Simon Smith.

Shooting a likeness:  The big photo shoot for Nicky’s ultimate author photo!

9 am: return from school run and switch on computer
9:10 am: switch off computer as feeling uninspired. Potter around the house
10 am: run bath and consume cup of tea
11 am: emerge from bath and dry hair
12 pm: have lunch, select outfit, beautify.  Yes, beautify. The whole works. Actual make-up. Eye shadow and everything. Might as well, just this once!

2 pm: arrive at Deborah’s house styled and ready, carrying bubbly for inspiration and courage.

Deborah getting ready for photographic action…

Spend a delightful hour flouncing around, posing, giggling, turning the music up loud and living every rock-star photo-shoot cliche and movie quote under the sun (go on, give me a bit more shoulder…. love the camera…. work it, baby!)

3 pm: done!

Job done! Cheers!

A portfolio of likenesses…

Very first picture… not bad.

A little shimmy on the floor?

Work it baby, work it…

Hello, I’m your local author!

Oh la la!

 …and here it is, the ultimate author’s likeness:  Nicky’s new, official author photo! ***Drumroll!***

Romance That Rocks Your World! Meet Nicky Wells, Author.

So there, that wasn’t so difficult. In fact, that was fun.  And what a difference, huh? (Please don’t tell me you like my old pictures better. No, honestly, don’t.  You can’t be serious!)

A big, massive Thank You to Deborah for taking the time to indulge my vanity, snap 150+ pictures (or thereabouts) and having fun along the way.  You are a rock star and a superhero. Here is your credit:




I like the look of that–there’s a career here for you, Debbie!  And, dear reader, now YOU can tell me about your photo moments!  Have you lost your identity among the nappies and the baby puree, too?  Are you ready to be snapped by the paparazzi anytime? Do you feel the urgent need to glam up, go out, and have fun?  Or… have you got that ACE photo of yourself that inspires you with confidence on a bad hair day, anytime? Let me know…