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SOPHIE’S ENCORE: 2 paperbacks MUST be won at Goodreads!

It is exactly ONE MONTH until the launch of Sophie’s Encore!
I know, amazing, right? I can’t wait!


The Countdown Starts Here~
With a Giveaway!

To celebrate and to get you in the mood for the Grand Finale in my Rock Star Romance Trilogy, I’m offering a giveaway of TWO paperback copies over at Goodreads. The giveaway is open now and ends on 5 September (launch day).

If you’re in the UK, US or Canada, head on over and enter!


Good luck ~ and spread the word!


Don’t forget you can still enter to win an a Pre-Release e-copy of Sophie’s Encore as well as Rock Star Romance Swag! This giveaway is open until 15 August ~ if you haven’t entered, hurry on over NOW:  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Romance That Rocks Your World
is where it happens ~ ROCK ON!

Win, win, win a Paperback of Sophie’s Run ~ Goodreads giveaway for US and UK readers!

Just a really quick announcement to let you know that you can grab a chance to win a PAPERBACK of Sophie’s Run on Goodreads if you live in the UK or the US right now… right here, today! For logistical reasons, there are TWO SEPARATE giveaways listed, one for UK readers and one for US readers. Be sure to click the right one for your region or you might run into trouble with registering postcodes/zip codes. Here go the links; UK first, US below!


Goodreads Book Giveaway

Sophie's Run by Nicky Wells

Sophie’s Run

by Nicky Wells

Giveaway ends May 12, 2013.

See the giveaway details

at Goodreads.

Enter to win

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Sophie's Run by Nicky Wells

Sophie’s Run

by Nicky Wells

Giveaway ends May 12, 2013.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

I am really excited about this! 🙂 Go win!

It’s really real, it’s here, and I’m overcome.

Nearly eight years in the making. Nothing but a vague dream, a hopeful aspiration to begin with. An idea. An ambition. And now it’s here. It’s real. The very rushed man from UPS delivered it in the morning, oblivious to the importance of the cargo he was carrying.

I know what’s in these boxes. Tears? Why, of course. I’m all choked up with emotion, and I haven’t even opened them yet.

My book! There it is…
It’s beautiful. It smells gorgeous, that hot-of-the-press smell of fresh ink. And it’s all mine. I did that!

Of course, I had lots of help along the way, and you all know who you are, but this moment… this is mine. And in less than two weeks, it can be anyone’s.

My two boys, witnessing their mummy’s moment of pure joy, decide to capture the occasion for all eternity and grab the camera. Thank you, my lovelies!

And finally… here’s me and my book baby.

What a feeling!

The Final Proof.

This is it.

It arrived in my inbox yesterday. It took twenty-one instalments of twenty pages at a time, almost a complete ream of paper, two ink cartridges, and a maximum dose of patience to print out on my slow, hesitant ancient little desk-jet printer.
It is the final proof!

It’s a bizarrely strange and exhilarating feeling to hold this sheaf of paper in my hands. Clearly I have done many rounds of proofing before, right up to the final proof before original publication. But this is different. This is a document formatted for paperback publishing; each page is laid out exactly as it will appear in the actual book! This is a manuscript prepared and proofed for me by someone else. In a different font. It looks and feels completely different to the last version of the manuscript that I clutched in my trembling hands. This is final!  When I am done with this, it will go to the printer. Whoa!

What will I do with it? First of all, I shall read it back to front, and bottom up. I’m not looking to read the story this time; I am looking once again for typos, missing punctuation marks, errant parentheses and other fine points of style and grammar. Whatever I find, I shall note down and send back to the wonderful team at Sapphire Star.

Next, I shall go through the proofing sheet sent by Sapphire Star to look through and approve the last set of comments or changes made by the publisher. This, I will do during a traditional front-to-back-top-to-bottom read. So essentially, in the next week, I shall read this manuscript twice. Thank God it’s the school holidays so I have lots of uninterrupted time at my hands… not! 🙂

I am tremendously excited. This is it; this is real. Signing the publishing contract ‘way back when’ in February felt real, but in an abstract way. This is really real. Roll on 6 September when I shall hold, not a proof but an actual book in my hands. Whooooop!

It’s a big deal to me, and therefore I send apologies just in case I’m going on about it in an undue fashion. But it is very exciting… the last step on the way to actual printing.

If you’re an author, how do you feel when the final proof lands in your hand? And what proofing strategies do you employ at this, the end-stage of the process?