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Proudly announcing… my first Vlog! (and the character names for my next novel)


I know. I know. I only just published a book last week Monday, and the dust hasn’t even settled yet. But time doesn’t stand still, there’s no rest for the wicked, a rolling stone gathers no moss, and the only way is onwards and upwards. Or something like that.

This weekend, I drafted the plan for my next full-length novel destined for release in the Spring of 2015 (this is after I’ve brought you a Christmas novella, of course). The working title is SEVEN YEARS… (and then something else, but I’ll keep that as a surprise). I decided it would be good fun to let you all, my friends and readers, pick some names. And then I thought I’d try a Vlog. I’ve never done one of those before. So here goes–two firsts in one post!

What do you think?