Chasing Cars

It’s Music Monday!

And I’m bringing you another one of my favourite songs today. Today’s selection made the feature simply because I was in the mood for stunningly haunting and beautifully lyrical. It gives me goosebumps every single time, without fail. There’s emotion, there’s coming-of-age, there’s an amazing build up…  Love it. Enjoy!

Have you got a fail-safe goosebump song?

As always, I look forward to everyone’s musical response. This has become the favourite part of Monday for me. Just please keep it legal ~ you know what I mean. We all want this blog to be here next week!

8 responses to “Chasing Cars

  1. I have the *biggest* most ridiculous crush on Gary Lightbody, I’ve always had a weakness for an Irish accent. I actually know someone who shared a flat with him when he was hell-raising in London just when Snow Patrol were taking off. I’d make an utter tit of myself if i ever met him, I’d be so self-conscious.

    I got into them with ‘Spitting Games’ I didn’t like ‘Run’ when it first came out – I nick-named it ‘the dirge’, it drove me nuts! It was overplayed on the radio, I remember hearing that and Franz Ferdinand’s Take Me Out on the radio when my brother collected me from the airport on my return from the Maldives in December 2003.

    They’re a really great band, I’ve only seen them live once, and would love to see them play again. This is a great song, the one you’ve picked – but for me this is the shiver-down-my- spine track by them I passionately adore. When I play it on my MP3 player, especially when I’m out and about,it makes me feel as if I am sealed in a cocoon of joy and possibilities.

    It’s really nice to revisit it, I’ve not heard it in a wee while, so thanks for that Nicky : ) xx

    • Sealed in a cocoon of joy and possibilities ~ that’s so beautiful, Yasmin, thank you for the lovely thought. *smiles happily* So glad you enjoyed today’s post, and thanks for visiting and saying ‘hi.’ And you wouldn’t make an utter tit out of yourself, trust me. Take a leaf out of Sophie’s book, she does all right in the end… even though she accidentally snorts beer through her nose and discusses nipple erections, LOL! XX Loveya, honey, hope you’re having a great day today. 🙂

  2. As always Nicky you come up with some magic music, thank you!

  3. Coming of Age – growing up and crossing over from one level of maturity to one which is greater. This week I can’t resist but post two songs, both signify the major changes we make as we grow older.

    The first I’d like to offer everyone for their listening enjoyment is one which deals from being a teenager to being an adult where we really begin to take life seriously, and the first song is Coming of Age by Tribes.

    The second song doesn’t really need an introduction; it deals with the first coming of age each one of us has experienced. It deals with moving on from a land of pure make believe to one of beginning to take life seriously as we begin to go to school.

    But I believe my second offering is the one which is more likely to bring a tear to our eyes as we recall when we were that age.

  4. OMG, Robin, you take me *right* back, and I mean *right* back. And I only ever saw that film in German, too! Still, it works. Thank you! xx

  5. I looooove this song so much! The lyrics, the chord changes, the overall song.

    As usual my mind is blank in response to your question (surely due to an overload of music in my past and present!) but thanks for reminding me of this one, NIcky!

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