I Belong To The Night

It’s Music Monday!


And oh my god, I’m still reeling from an out-of-this-world FM show on Friday night. I have seen them so often now and still I get blown away every single time, without fail. So I’m dedicating this week on my blog to FM. Today, I’m posting one of the great songs that featured on the set list; and on Friday this week, I’ll be offering you a blow-by-blow account of what the gig was like, photos, interview and all. Rock on!

Meanwhile…. *sings*  I belong to the night…

Oh man, it was rocking, hopping and fantastic. I can’t wait to share the full story with you. Hold on to your hats…

Who’s your blow-me-away-every-time artist?


6 responses to “I Belong To The Night

  1. Oh, hooray! I’m so glad you had a fantastic time. But what’s this? I have to wait until FRIDAY to get the blow-by-blow account and pics? Seriously???? You’ve left me with a ‘frozen heart’………! 😉

    • BTW do you have music by other bands with Steve ‘The Voice’ Overland i.e. The Ladder, Shadowman. I can’t believe you’d have missed those, but you never know! 😀

      • Hi Jo!! Thanks for your comment, I knew you’d get excited. Sorry about the wait ~ there’s a whole host of reasons but it’s like my Easter present to you, right? Rock on! And no, I haven’t missed The Voice’s other projects, how could I? It just so happened that this song was featured in the gig (and it’s one of my faves) but you’ve given me an idea for a MM going forward… watch this space!

      • Oh brilliant, so glad you haven’t missed out! Will try to catch your blog on Friday, or soon after! Something for me to anticipate….. licks lips….. xx

  2. Hi Nicky,
    Who’s your blow-me-away-every-time artist?
    Boy !!! You select a stuff topic for me this week didn’t you.
    At first I decided on Michael Crawford, trying to keep with the night theme with your song, singing “Music of the Night.” But then it would be one singer and one song.
    It took me until now to come up with a singer with several memorable songs who love listening to. I’ve also tried to find a song which would sing about who both of us are as authors. I think you’d have to agree that the song and singer I’ve chosen for this week appropriately meets this criteria. So here’s

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