Link to Free Kindle Reading Apps

I don’t want to advertise Kindle here, nor am I in any way paid to promote the Kindle product.  However, in promoting my debut novel, I have run into the question of “how can I download Sophie’s Turn if I don’t have a Kindle” so many times that I thought it would be appropriate to post a link on my blog.

At this time, Amazon is offering a link for downloading FREE Kindle Reading Apps so that practically anyone can participate in the Kindle e-book phenomenon.  I have tried this out myself and the Reading Apps really are very easy to download.  They are available for iPhone, iPad, Windows PC and Macs and give access to the whole Kindle store as well as, obviously, to Sophie’s Turn!  I’ve posted the link under the ‘links’ section to the right of the blog.

Hope this helps!  🙂

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