Boston Square

It’s Music Monday!


It’s Music Monday indeed! Last week, I brought you a classic; this week, I’m going exploring. I’ve been reading my Kerrang! and I’m checking out some bands that I’m not familiar with — yet. I chanced upon this ensemble and I’m asking myself, where have I been? I love the sound, the voice, the rhythm, the melody, the lot. This could be the makings of a great new love-affair.

And you know what? They’re only from down the road from here! Yes, this lot is from Norfolk. I don’t know why that’s significant but I think it’s exciting! Plus they’re playing Nottingham in October… I feel a gig coming on! Check them out….


What do you think????



8 responses to “Boston Square

  1. Catchy, great tune, like the sound – has an American feel to it. :0)

  2. Hi Nicky
    Given my vast repertoire of songs it has taken me a while to come up with a musical response for this week since your choice this week didn’t focus on a specific topic. As luck would have for the past several days I’ve been watching Little Britain’s three seasons on DVDs from NetFlix [provider of DVDs by mail/streaming on line] followed by Little Britain Aboard and today I finished watching Little Britain USA which had been produced with HBO [cable station ususally noted for movies]; and on episode 4 they had a special guest who sang one of his best know songs which also happens fo be one of my favorites. I feel this song fits well with the three main characters in your Sophie Trilogy,

    I can’t believe what they can get away with on television in the UK as well as when they [Little Britain] did it here.
    BTW – I’ve begun watching the first season of “KINGDOM” streaming online from NetFlix. I still can’t understand why all these great programs only have six episodes a year around the holidays, and have to wonder what kind of television programs you have the rest of the year.

    • LOL ~ Kingdom with Stephen Fry? Loved that! I can’t answer your question though but I do love the song you chose today, thank you!! As for Little Britain.. dare I admit it, but it never was my cuppa. Glad you’re loving it though!

  3. Heya Nicky, I am plesantly surprised with this tune, really like it. Good choice to share with us. 🙂

    • Heya! So glad you liked it. It’s wonderful when you find an unexpected little treasure like this. I think they’re well worth watching! X Thanks for stopping by and for commenting, you rock! 🙂

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