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My Holy Grail: Two hits, one touch

This has been a pretty awesome week for me. In terms of my personal holy grails (of which there are many, LOL), I hit two and touched one. Alas, because of the unexpected and rather longer than predicted heat wave, my brain’s fried so I’ll give you my week in pictures rather than words.

Holy Grail, Hit 1:
Cover Reveal for Sophie’s Encore


I had the most astounding day, with no less than 23  fabulous bloggers taking part and a HUGE amount of interest in the cover, the excerpt and the giveaway (did I mention there are two preview e-copies of Sophie’s Encore up for grabs?).

You can visit the cover reveal post here,
or see the giveaway here: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Holy Grail: Touch (A Near ‘Hit’)


Yes! On Tuesday morning, I found Sophie’s Turn on the  list of the 100 best-selling romantic comedies over on amazon.com. It started at #98 and ‘worked up’ to #95 before gradually sliding back down and out over the rest of the day. But still: I touched the holy grail of charts.

Incidentally, Sophie’s Run made it onto the HUMOUR list on amazon.co.uk that same morning ~ it sunned itself in the #95 slot for a little while!

Holy Grail, Touch 2:
“This Is It” Edit


Yup, that’s me, completing the THIS IS IT proof edit on Sophie’s Encore across yesterday and today. My third book is nearly ready to go to the printer!!
I am so insanely proud of the Grand Finale.

And that was my week.
How was yours?