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Descent into chaos!

I’m in my own personal hell.  My Room 101.  Or Rooms 101, as it were.

Eeek, you exclaim, what could possibly be the matter?
Ach, I reply, my house is in chaos.

So it is. As the move is picking up pace and the deadline of Tuesday is coming ever closer, perparations are afoot and my home, my haven, my reign of order and peace, is being progressively destroyed.  Well, not destroyed, exactly; that would be a calamity!  But certainly… upheaval-ed. If you must know, I am obsessively tidy and organised, so this… is my idea of hell.

But! Being obsessively organised and tidy, I rule over the chaos with an iron fist and while it’s bad, it’s not that bad.  I thought I’d share a little photo diary of the preparation for the Wells family move.  Grab a cuppa, sit back, and relax while you count your blessings at not moving house right now! 🙂 Happy Friday, one and all, and have a great weekend.

There’s always a list. In fact, I’ve got several on the go right now but I won’t bore you with the hierarchy. Suffice it to say that this is this week’s masterlist, the countdown to Sunday with everything that needs to be achieved… in every area of my life. I’m Queen of Lists!

After two days of hard labour, two sets of wardrobes are finally dismantled and resting peacefully (and neatly) in the dining room awaiting collection by their new owners.

The wardrobe doors, alas, have to reside in the lounge, so as not to break the mirrors. Rendering the lounge largely unusable, especially for the kids.

Like our new wardrobes?

Oh yes, and the stylish storage system. Efficient, if impractical!

The kids, at least, adore their new furniture. Maybe we can keep this style as a space saving solution?

Of course I’m cleaning the fridge for the new owner. Who wouldn’t? I’ve cleaned the oven too, but I’m sparing you the picture. Alas, now I’m refusing to use either appliance, which is posing a lot of meal-time logistical problems. It’s only for a few more days, right?

It may not look like much, but it is heavy… several years’ worth of confidential paperwork. What to do with it?

Problem solved. Filing system lean and clean. Paperwork disposed of. You’ve got to love moving house.

Just keep cleaning, just keep cleaning, just keep cleaning, cleaning, cleaning….

Can’t get myself to take our home-made Jubilee bunting down. Maybe on Monday?

Kids are getting into the spirit… and are doing some modest sorting out of their own. Well done, boys!

And there’s the rub. The big problem. The rather large hole in front of our house where the removals lorry will have to park on Monday morning to start loading. I’m assured that the hole will be gone but… I don’t see it. Hm.

And that’s it! Over the weekend, things will no doubt descend into chaos. And on Monday morning, when the removals firm arrives (always assuming they can get here!), I will just exile myself to the coffee shop to save me from a nervous breakdown.  So far, so good.

How do you get through moving house, folks?