Four Diamonds for Sophie’s Turn from Ananda at “Books to Remember”

The good things just keep happening this week! How excited was I yesterday to find out that Ananda, my lovely Associate Reader over at, has finished reading rock star romance Sophie’s Turn and posted a review on her blog, Books to Remember!

Ananda had been making enthusiastic noises about Sophie’s Turn all the while she was reading is but little did I appreciate just why!

So here’s why.  Says Ananda: “I have two things to confess: First I am a sucker for chick-lit books and second, I just love music and rockstars! So what happens when I see these two combined! THE INEVITABLE – I LOVE THE BOOK!”  Find the full review on Ananda’s wonderful blog.

I am truly delighted–this is the reaction I was hoping for while I was writing… yay! Here’s to kindred spirits.  A huge lovely thanks to Ananda for speed-reading Sophie’s Turn and offering such a glowing review.  Ananda, I’ll be visiting you soon over in the Kingdom Far Away to collect my four sparkly diamonds….

🙂 x

2 responses to “Four Diamonds for Sophie’s Turn from Ananda at “Books to Remember”

  1. Nicky, I’m truly honored to be your Associate Reader! I really love “Sophie’s Turn” and can’t wait to read the sequel! As my review says, I love rockstar romances, but did an excellent job in creating an original story with lovely characters! Keep my fingers crossed for it to be published soon as a paperback!
    My Kingdom Far Far Away and myself would LOVE to have you as a guest! Now that would be something I would never forget!:)
    Keep on rocking those charts! x x

    • Aah, thanks Ananda. That’s so lovely. Fingers crossed then for that publishing deal (I’m open to offers, anyone?) and also that my travels will take me your way one day. Or vice versa, of course! Wouldn’t that be amazing! Thanks for posting such a lovely comment on Goodreads too. Likewise, you’ve been one of the warmest and most supportive people I’ve ‘met’ on my book blogging journey… Keep rockin’! x

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