Nicky Wells, Gracing BBC Airwaves (Again)

Holy Microphone! as Sophie would say.
It’s official! I’m a radio addict.  I love being “live on air” on the radio.  So: I thought I’d do it all over again….

Nicky and Elise after the interview in December ’11

As many of you probably recall (given the noise I made about it!), on 21 December last year, I had the great fortune of visiting Elise Rayner on the Afternoon Show on BBC Radio Bristol to talk about my romantic comedy debut, Sophie’s Turn.  Elise gave me an amazing amount of airspace during my first “Beeb” interview and I remember ‘threatening’ that I might have to return when the sequel is written.Well, not only is the sequel, Sophie’s Run, written but it has also been signed by Sapphire Star Publishing–alongside, of course, my first novel.  So I thought it was time to make good on my promise (threat?) and return to BBC Radio Bristol for an update.

Today, I had the pleasure of having a 15 minute chat live on air with the wonderful Alex Lewis.  And did I have the best of times again?  Absolutely!

Nicky and Alex after the interview in May ’12
(Thanks for letting me snap-and-share again!)

Alex asked me about me, and my writing, Sophie’s Turn, the sequel, signing a publishing contract and also about  Once again, I forgot all about being in a studio and talking live on air.  It was such fun!  I think I am addicted.

So here’s the audio…

The definite introduction to Me, Nicky Wells, and to Romance that Rocks Your World, with a big mention for

Due to the length of the interview and the size of the resulting sound file… you guessed it, I had to split it into two parts. Actually, the soundcapture software did it for me without telling me but hey ho, I figured it out when two truncated files showed up. Apologoies! Anyhooo….  In Part 1, Alex asks me about my writing history and background right up to the point of signing with Sapphire Star **inelegant interruption of soundfile here**

**resumption of soundfile here** and in Part 2, Alex asks me about connections with Bristol, inspiration and loveahappyending. Rock on!

And here’s the question for the real pros out there:  How do you stop yourself from “uhm-ing” and “err-ing” and mentioning a lot of “stuff” when live on air?

19 responses to “Nicky Wells, Gracing BBC Airwaves (Again)

  1. I tuned in! God bless Google and Internet radio : ) You’re a natural Nicky, it was an engaging listen and you’ve got a great radio voice too, you sounded really chilled and enthusiastic. I wrote into them during the broadcast in praise of your blog and how much I was looking forward to reading your book! Glad it was as much fun for you on the other side of the mic. xx

    • Yasmin!!! (((HUGS))) You are amazing! Thank you SO much for tuning in and writing in, wow! I am truly bowled over by your support and enthusiasm. Your are an amazing friend and a fantastic blogger, and I am lucky to (virtually) know you. God bless the Internet, indeed! Thanks again, I hope I can be as good a friend to you… 🙂 x

  2. joannalazuliportals

    I listened live too (via iPlayer) and thought you were fab, Nicky! You sounded like you’d done it hundreds of times before. I learned a few things about you that I hadn’t known before, so it was a worthwhile listen for me!

    Lucky for me, when I did my slot on StaffordFM in January, my co-author Ron was alongside me, and there were no opportunities to ‘erh’ or ‘um’!! (And he says *I* talk a lot! Hmph!) We also had a crib sheet of our most important ‘ideas’ and ‘info bits’ up on my laptop screen (our interview was via Skype) so I had that ‘safety net’ if I got stuck! (Nicky, the podcast is on our website, if you’re interested.)

    Here’s to many more media successes and mega book sales of Sophie’s Turn and Sophie’s Run! xx

    • Joanna, you’re a star. Thanks so much for listening live, I am so touched. And thanks for your kind words and feedback! I’ve been over to the Lazuli Portals and listened to your fab interview in January with Ian on Stafford FM: great job, left you a comment back there… Like the idea of discovery writing! Thanks for visiting, see you again soon! xx

      • joannalazuliportals

        Oh bless your heart! Thank you! I was quite terrified 😉
        I’ve just approved your comment on our blog, so will leave a little response for you there 🙂

  3. Great interview!!! Well done Nicky!!

    • Thank you, Mandy–I had such fun. Could quite happily do this every day, actually. That, and telly. Anyone out there reading this? Well, you know where to find me… X Thanks for stopping by, Mandy!

  4. Congrats, Nicky. I’m so glad it went well. You’re a star now!

  5. Fabulous radio interview, Nicky! You are a complete natural!

  6. Great Interview Nicky. I need to start contacting my local radio stations! 🙂

  7. You are such a fun interviewee Nicky! I’d say you just about have it right – and your passion comes through loud and clear. Congrats!

    • Thanks!!! That means a lot, Linn. 🙂 Let’s see if we can talk about the Summer Audience on air together, maybe? Wouldn’t that be fantastic…. X Have a great day.

  8. Great interview Nicky – it sounds like you had fun. You’re so a pro! Well done.

  9. Wow, Nicky!! I finally got a chance to sit and listen to this and am blown away. What a great interview. You are a cool customer and so fabulous to hear your lovely voice after all these months! LOVED listening to you and hearing your story. Thanks for sharing and sorry it took me so long to catch up with this! xx

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