Good old fashioned lover boy…

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This is the special “playlist for 7 Years Bad Sex” series, and this song captures the optimism that reigns between Alex and Casey for… well, for most of the book. Okay, at least half of the book….

See you this coming THURSDAY, 14 May, for the official launch of 7 Years Bad Sex!

Not sure what 7 Years Bad Sex is all about? Find out more HERE.

4 responses to “Good old fashioned lover boy…

  1. Great song! The launch is this Thursday? Eek, where has the time gone? I will try to be around, although I’m slap bang in the middle of my mum’s move to her new sheltered bungalow. I’ll need a good read to keep me sane! 😉 xx

    • It is indeed, Karen! Squeeee! I know you’re moving and decorating but it’d be lovely to see you! Be warned–I’ll be asking for selfies (or photos taken by a random third party) of proud new owners of 7 Years Bad Sex!! The theme is ‘7 Years Bad Sex: Out and About’ and I don’t mind if you’re up on a ladder or covered in paint as long as you’re smiling and holding up your copy…. LOL! Reckon you’ll be up for that?

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