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Hot in the City

It’s Music Monday!


Last week, I posted a cold song and invited you all to make suggestions for a hot song to break the freezing cold weather spell. Well, it worked! All right, it’s hardly tropical but the sun’s been out all week and there’s life erupting all over the garden. Roll on spring (and for goodness’ sake, don’t stop now!).

Thank you all for your most excellent suggestions. I thought I might take you up on your ideas and start posting the ‘hot’ songs over the coming week, always assuming that there are official versions available. Robin already posted her response in video format in her response of last week, so I took the remaining songs and picked the first one out of a hat. And this week’s choice is…


AWE-SOME!! Well, that takes me right back! We’ll be on to another hot song next week so meanwhile, keep the suggestions coming. Remember, our goal is to keep the sun shining and the mood sunny! Rock on!