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HELP NEEDED! Sophie is a Finalist for Best Heroine!

So this morning I’m logging on to Facebook, quite innocently, after a lovely and buzzing book launch the previous day… and I come across this bombshell of a news item.


Sophie is a finalist in the eFestival of Words Awards 2014! She was previously nominated for Best Heroine and now made it to the final stages. Wooohooo! To say I was somewhat floored (in a good way) would be an understatement. Squeeeee!


Here’s the thing. At this stage, is up to you whether Sophie wins. Yes, you!

Sophie needs your vote!

The bad news is…For Sophie to win, she needs the most public votes.

The good news is….Anyone can vote. YOU can vote!

Simply follow this link, register, and go to the Best Heroine category to cast your vote for Sophie Penhalligan. Sophie and I would be eternally grateful!!




Sophie’s Turn: Best Heroine and Best Cover Art Nominee @ eFestival of Words Awards 2014

Breaking News!

Sophie Penhalligan of Sophie’s Turn was nominated for BEST HEROINE in the eFestival of Words Awards 2014. Moreover, Sophie’s Turn was also nominated for Best Cover Art!

How excited am I? VERY!


What’s next?

The eFestival of Words volunteers will be narrowing down the nominations and producing a list of finalists by 1 July. After that, the voting will be opened to the general public, and winners will be announced in August during the eFestival of Words Virtual Book Fair.

Will Sophie win? Who knows. When the time comes, you might want to cast your vote. But either way, I’m simply over the moon to have received a nomination! I had no idea this was going to happen, so whoever of you lovely folks nominated me: THANK YOU ALL!