Reabookreview reviews and recommends Sophie’s Turn with four stars!

Rea Sinfield from Reabookreviews has taken the time to read and review my debut novel, Sophie’s Turn… and she enjoyed herself!  Rea concludes that she would definitely recommend reading my book: She says, “I feel as though Nicky has a style of writing which makes it easy to read and also using more realistic scenarios which makes the books easier to relate to and enjoy. I found there were also some lovely humorous touches in this novel which were not predictable.”  Check out the full review at

Rea also had a slightly spooky experience with reading Sophie’s Turn as one of the events that happen to Sophie and Tim also happened to her a while back… pretty much, actually, as I was writing the book: and **that** spooked me!  If anyone else out there has any novel-reality-transference experiences relating to Sophie’s Turn, please do get in touch!

Thanks to Rea for taking the time to read and review Sophie’s Turn.  Rea awarded Sophie’s Turn four stars on

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