Sophie’s Turn Virtual Book Tour events week 29 August: More, more, more to come!

Hello and good morning on this beautiful bank holiday morning.  Just to let you know that the virtual book tour for Sophie’s Turn continues apace.  This week I am expecting up to FOUR reviews, possibly… one of which is already out and live at Lou Graham’s blog at !  I am really encouraged, honoured and thrilled that all the reviews so far have been so positive.  It seems Sophie’s Turn is striking a few chords out there… (bad pun alert! Chords–rock music… and all that!) and I am loving it.  Thank you to all who have read my masterpiece and taken the time to post a review.  Your views really matter!

Also watch out for the interview on Bookworm Ink at … I’ll post and tweet for each event as usual.  Very exciting week ahead, I think!  Find the updated schedule here…Virtual Book Tour for Sophies Turn (updated 29 August) You might notice that things have got so busy, I’ve burst the single page framework… and had to roll over onto a second page to give all events due credit.  Don’t miss the second page!!! xx

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